Sean Penn's prose

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Sean Penn's prose

Postby Connor » 12 Jan 2013, 03:04

I just wanted to draw everyone's attention to actor Sean Penn's political columns for the Huffington Post. You should really try reading them.

...and no, I don't have the wrong thread. They're guaranteed to make you laugh.

Here's a sample of Penn's brilliant insight into modern society. This is his take on the state of American society in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting:

While level heads begin to envision the uphill battle for legislations of necessary gun controls, we Americans and our leadership, must be diligent to the nature of the human brain.

Indeed that thing upon our neck was not created decoratively, and in using our heads with our hearts, must also use our eyes, and set them clearly, not upon one healing mechanism, not upon one prevention, but upon all those connective dots that can allow future generations the possibility of a freedom including peace and safety.

This can, and is, being very easily exampled with newly invigorated discussions with attention on the recognition and treatment of mental health, and certainly that is a priority. And to be responsible to that priority, we too have to recognize its applicability to the mental health of our American community at large.

Really, I find this kind of prose coma-inducing. How does one manage to be so trite and so obscurantist at the same time?

I think even the party apparatchiks in North Korea would laugh at such stilted, left-wing writing. Even the most lifeless, Stalinist speech has a better grasp of the English language than the musings of Sean Penn.

If I couldn't laugh, I'd cry.
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Re: Sean Penn's prose

Postby Elliott » 14 Jan 2013, 10:28

I've never seen "example" used as a verb! It's a great piece of writing though, Connor, because it demonstrates (or should I say "examples"?) how to say not much with a lot of words. It reads like he's trying to look cleverer than he is.

And now, here's a funny thing I just read about the Guardian newspaper and its money worries:
They are laying off people right left and centre. Well, left of centre, left of centre and left of centre, at least.
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