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The Sun

Postby Gavin » 02 Apr 2013, 13:42

I go over to get a sandwich from the local shop and see a copy of The Sun lying on the table. It's a trashy tabloid here in the UK. It oversimplifies everything and concentrates on trivia - like comic for adult children. You often see it on the dashboard of white vans. It's the best-selling paper in the country.

I think the people who work for The Sun are evil cynics, pedalling trash to people, keeping them down, keeping them thick and profiting from them at the same time.

Anyway, something they do is Page 3, whereby they have a topless young girl displaying her body for all to see (but, importantly, none to have). Aside from this The Sun is right-wing, but in a thick kind of way. Page 3 makes me laugh in some ways, not least because of the turmoil it creates in feminists! The women volunteer for the photos shoots (it is often their ambition), the feature was defended by the female editor and the photographers are (I gather) usually women. No doubt feminists still try their best to blame men but it must be a bit tricky in the situation. Maybe they blame men's nature? ("You must not find the female form attractive!").

Getting to my point and the comedy element of this post, something The Sun do now, I noticed today, is they put a caption next to the girl. Today's said:

Hollie from Essex, 22, expressed respect for David Cameron wading into a swamp to rescue a farmer's sheep. "As the philosopher Immanuel Kant once wrote", she remarked, "One can measure a man's heart by his treatment of animals".

Other days (not that I am a regular reader - or "looker") it'll say something about their purported take on the global economic situation.
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