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Tommy Robinson on LBC

Postby Gavin » 17 Jun 2013, 19:00

The ideological defence of our country is left to working class Luton man Tommy Robinson again, as he appears on LBC!

The Muslim debating him is the same one behind "Tell Mama". (I have heard it said sometimes that Muslims are like children. This absurdly juvenile name does little to combat that perception.)

Mr Mughal said "our country is a melting pot and that is a very, very positive thing", that it is "racial prejudice" when people "abuse" people because of their race or their faith. He also called the EDL "far right", complaining that some in the group "are extremely violent" and told TR to "stop being an angry young man". Pretty much "there's nothing to see here" and "if there is a problem it's not with us". He worried me - he seemed quite smarmy. I thought he was like Tariq Ramadan. But then I believe Islam is, at heart, a violent and totalitarian ideology and I suspect anyone who falls short of this admission of just not being honest.

LBC flagged the interview up with "Tommy Robinson has admitted for the first time that the English Defence League has racist members", when actually he admitted it the other day also, saying that numerous organisations probably have some racists in them - for example, it certainly seems the BBC have...

Nick Ferrari likened EDL chants ("Muslim killers off our streets", "There's only one Lee Rigby") to the hundreds of graphic death threats received by Mr Robinson against his wife and family, but was otherwise far more reasonable and conversational than the other, truly abysmal, "interviewers" we have seen recently - all (quelle coïncidence) from the BBC. The discussion was far better, calmer than their aggressive shut-up tactics or "Zoo TV" format but TR tweeted that the interview had been heavily edited with some of his most important comments removed.
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