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Re: The dumbing down of children

Postby Yessica » 04 Feb 2014, 08:05

Paul wrote:Picking up litter, tidying classrooms and mopping floors. We had to do that anyway, not as a punishment, but as a duty. You can just perceive the hand-wringing in play now as thoughts of the return of such things is whispered.

Us too. In the 1990s.

The Coca Cola spot mentioned in the other thread and what you write here made me think of a spot I saw years ago. It was paid for by the government and they told me it was so conservative (because it is pro motherhood). when I saw it I was still a leftist but I thought "What, what please?". This spot which tries to persuade Germans to have more children tells us they hate school (and shows pupils throwing litter trough the classroom - that's why I thought of it), hate their parents, shows how a boy is arrested by the police (the green wagon saying "Polizei"), shows something that looks like two minority youngsters in front of a graffiti wearing hoodies flashing gang signs. I don't know any gang signs but it looks like it. The spot says "You are Germany".

Most of the surrounding pictured do not look middle class. Sorry, I am too stupid to do a better link. It has English subtitles by the way.

I remember when I saw that I thought "What about me? Am I not Germany?".

They were so eager to include everyone that they even included a child with down syndrom and a black child, both tiny minorities... but they did not show a child growing up in a rural community. Yet 30% of Germans live in rural settings. They show only one "cultural" activity - playing a drum set, while the more middle class piano is the most common instrument for a German youngster to learn. The two sports which are shown are soccer - associated with working class and skate board in a half pipe - associated with ghetto. Why not include a sport associated with the middle class such as riding - a very popular sport in Germany - or tennis?

Is it just me or is this spot very anti middle class culture?
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Re: The dumbing down of children

Postby Paul » 05 Feb 2015, 20:48

A young woman I know (she's a friend of my daughter - sob) and aged about twenty-five, wrote the following on Facebook yesterday:

"Watching my favourite film with Tina and educating her about Scotland and England. (love heart smiley) - Braveheart" (love heart smiley).

"It's so emotional. The English were bastards! William Wallace is a legend". (thumbs-up smiley).

A male friend of hers wrote:

"The most historically inaccurate film ever. Even 300 was more accurate than Braveheart n that's saying something".

She replied:

"Shut up. Don't ruin my moment. The English were still bastards though".

He wrote:

"Well yes, but that's how we managed to conquer a quarter of the world at one point".

She said:

"Problem. Big problem".

He: "What - history?"

She: "I never mentioned history. We were just a problem".

He: "Well you said you were 'educating' someone so I admit I have to be pedantic".

She: "Yeah lol, I'm just giving her an insight into what bastards the English are. Although some of Braveheart is made up purely for entertainment uses, the basis of the story is true. We were horrible".

He: "White guilt? Not me honey, I'm not answering for generations before. I've done good - so have you. Unless you have some evil lurking? But I don't see it".

She: " I'm not evil !!"

I disagree and say that she is, in a roundabout way, and by virtue of her brainwashed state. Furthermore she's passing on her brain-washing under the guise of 'educating' (dear me) her inevitably gullible friends. Needless to say, she's English, lives in England and gave birth to her absent English-fathered child in England. She's currently receiving single-parent benefit payments from the English taxpayer.

It's about more than England v Scotland disputes. I know her mother, who is an arch, hypocritical leftie of utterly predictable views and soundbites. Every single plank of modern leftyism will have been imbued and is now being promulgated further.

England and the English are evil - when compared to Scotland or anyone else. Anyone whatsoever.

Scotland are utterly virtuous in every way, especially comparative to England (as if that's not obvious). However, throw a dark-skinned individual into the mix or any foreign culture (although the more depraved and barbarous the better) then Scotland will cease to be Scottish and will transform into evil white racists. (Though they probably learned that trait from the English - so who can blame them really? Still, they will have to burn before any black person can be offended)

All white people are racists. It's all a 'big problem'. (presumably being left alive)

Child abusers are everywhere, though they are always white and always have lots of money (or more then her). All men are bastards. Particularly Englishmen. White ones only of course. Apart from gays. They're ok and morally pure.

The Royal Family are bastards and child abusers and murderers. We should drag them out and murder them! All politicians are the same - er, apart from Labour politicians - except the ones who by now cannot conceal vast wealth. All Tory politicians are as above. Some Labour ones are, but not many. Maggie Thatcher is the worst ever politician and we're glad she's dead. She lived too long and didn't die painfully enough though.

And so on .............

What are we to do with these people? They have a vote, which is tragic enough.
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Re: The dumbing down of children

Postby Paul » 15 Jun 2015, 01:09

'Home Schooling'

Here is an incredible and horrific tale about a situation that I became dimly aware of about a year ago and have learned much more about recently.

I will keep the tale as condensed as possible and not ramble, suffice to say my brother first learned of this, wholly by chance via some work he was doing in the area and informed me and even inveigled a situation where I arrived and witnessed some of it too. More recently there has been further intelligence on this matter.

This is occurring on a Council estate in relation to the inevitable benefit-claimant family - more pointedly, to the single Mother.

There is a son, now 12 years of age. He has NEVER attended a school. Not even for one day. His Mother claims to be an 'anarchist', a hippie-inspired type and of course a committed leftist. She doesn't believe in school because it's all about 'control' and 'brain-washing' she says. Incredibly (or not) she claims herself to have attended a Grammar School in the 1970s - a parallel to my situation. It's possibly true. She isn't formally unintelligent herself by all accounts. She's unbelievably lazy however.

The son can barely read or write a single word, including his own name. He cannot read a clock. He cannot tie shoelaces. He spends all his time, more or less abandoned in a converted attic bedroom, glued to an XBox and the TV. To condense how bad the depravity is - he is aware of YouTube and the fact that there are walk-through videos of XBox and computer games. He watches these primarily to discover 'cheats' for the games but unfortunately for him he cannot read any text that may be included. At this point he may come downstairs and ask his mother what it means but is regularly shooed away because she is 'busy' - usually on Facebook or Twitter.

The boy exists primarily on a diet on chocolate-flavoured milk and cheese sandwiches. He drinks bottles of the milk daily although maybe not in full. As a result, there are often several part-bottles of this curdled milk scattered about his room. The smell is reputedly' ripe' to say the least.

He may be awake all night playing video games and be asleep all day. His sleep and waking patterns are entirely random and scattered.

By now the boy apparently communicates in one-word utterances, although he has been heard to talk properly. For instance he will appear and just say 'hungry' or 'cold'. By now he is almost feral one might say.

How incredible is this, not just the situation as above but the fact that the authorities are totally blind to it or seem not to care? Every time they request a meeting or an assessment, the mother defuses them by claims she will be out that day. She uses as reason a tale that she is taking her son somewhere for the day in accordance with his 'education'. She has allegedly and inevitably been doing this for years. In addition she regularly goes out and leaves the boy alone in the house for hours at a time. I would imagine this has been going on for years too.

In just four years he will be 16 years old and entering the adult world. Then what's going to happen? At any time from about now he will begin to take a keener interest in girls - how is that going to work? How is he going to cope with money and simple arithmetic? He's a time-bomb in the making. He is also unfortunately very anti-social most of the time or so I have been told.

When tentative questions have been asked by third parties the mother claims that very shortly there will be 'revolution' and 'anarchy' and thus literacy or any academic knowledge will be superfluous. The boy won't need to be able to read and write or add up she claims. It won't be important.

Most of all of course, what a tragic tale and how not to feel very sorry for the boy.
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