Roger Scruton's Web 3.0, conservative, online university

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Roger Scruton's Web 3.0, conservative, online university

Postby Elliott » 09 Aug 2013, 18:17

LibertasU is about to begin educating students, completely online. Combating standard universities' leftism and huge fees is the name of the game, and Roger Scruton is the dean.

At this stage there isn't much information to go on but here is an introductory article in the New Criterion.
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Re: Roger Scruton's Web 3.0, conservative, online university

Postby Gavin » 09 Aug 2013, 19:17

Looks very interesting.

While I was studying philosophy at Durham, I found Scruton's books to be some of the best written. Like Dalrymple's, they were not abstruse or pretentious: there was a lot of information per page - rarely the case in philosophy. So I used them a lot. I eventually read Scruton's Sexual Desire also and found little with which to disagree. Even the token "women's studies" feminist in the Department of Philosophy gave me a good mark when I sympathised with his viewpoint (well, I think they respect the truth, deep down).

When my ethics lecturer (a nice man, but left-leaning) started telling me stories that Roger Scruton had been "known to pursue students" or something like that, I was was canny enough at that age to know an ad hominem when I heard one and this made me respect him all the further.

About six years ago when I was more against religion generally I thought Scruton may be wrong against Dawkins, but I can't deny the functional role religion plays, sadly often replaced by either nihilism or socialism. Anyway, Scruton: a lot of wise words, always worth a read.

Regarding the university, excellent: there will be one, then. One against the many. All strength to it, though I guess at this point this virtual establishment will not be able to award standard recognised degrees etc. What use are many of them anyway? These courses may at least open the conditioned liberal mind a little.

I recall Grayling started something similar some years ago. His philosophy books were also among the clear and well written ones (and I told him so in person) but he is much more of a liberal, to the point that (as with Dawkins) one wonders to what extent he is actually exposed to the British public.
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