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Re: Women in engineering

Postby Andrea » 01 May 2014, 17:14

Hi Heather,

I found myself nodding in agreement with your post. I remember that at that age, I couldn't understand or enjoy understanding maths and technology. I remember the guys (yes, guys) in my high school's Robotics team were really great people and they could each make a robot and had known about the intricacies of computers since we were under ten. When women are involved (in nearly anything) we tend to bring drama and unnecessary competitiveness - to try to big themselves up against the world. It's another sad side effect of militant feminism, I think.
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Re: Women in engineering

Postby Elliott » 01 May 2014, 19:21

Andrea wrote:When women are involved (in nearly anything) we tend to bring drama and unnecessary competitiveness - to try to big themselves up against the world.

That's an interesting point. How does this differ from male competitiveness? (The cliche is that men are hideously competitive, of course.)
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Re: Women in engineering

Postby Gavin » 01 May 2014, 19:38

If I may, I think men are intrinsically interested in the matter at hand - how to solve a problem in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Women are (generally, obviously) not so much this way inclined. To cover for this and because they like to be social anyway, they tend to dramatise and socialise matters which really do not require any such thing.

I see this all the time at work. I just want to get the issue fixed and get onto the next one, but it can't happen without umpteen meetings with lots of women doing a lot of talking around the subject - a very low signal-to-noise ratio. Finally when the meeting is over and everyone feels very important, I can do what I was going to do anyway.

I am not competitive against other men, by the way, just against myself and against ideals.
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Re: Women in engineering

Postby Yessica » 06 May 2014, 10:20

I really think that it is wrong to lump all women together.
I, for example, have been told that I have rather technical approach to everything (including human relationships, I do not spend much time thinking about how things other people did to me offended me or how I can improve my status within a group) and if someone (male or women) does that it puzzles me.

One reason by the way, why some Muslims and Blacks puzzle me. Everything seems to be about how someone used the wrong words or body language that way offending them.
I am happy I do not spend so much time thinking about how trivial things such as the pork menue being cheaper than the non-pork-menue or calling thights that are not my skin colour "flesh coloured" does offend me. That would be mentally exhausting as well as spoil my mood.

Back to topic: To my mind it is not a good idea if you lump people in groups to much and fail to see the individuum.

In Germany there have been studiess done on that and turned out that there were differences in favour of boys when it comes to maths and physics, but it has also been found out that there were much bigger differences in favour of those who came from a higher social class (as compared to students from lower classes) and ethnic Germans (as compared to minorities).

I would not say that either females or people from a low social class or minorities are unfit to be enigineers as there are big overlaps between the groups. The minority, female engineer from an underclass family may just be just a genius. You cannot use means to conclude anything about a individual person.

What is however unreasonable to expect is that there will be as many female engineers as male ones if you do not give them unfair advantage... and it would of course hurt both the male and the female population if some of our engineers would be tokens who would not be able to meet certain standards I cannot see how that would no affect our quality of life and safety.
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Re: Women in engineering

Postby Gavin » 09 Aug 2014, 07:31

I tried reading some female "journalism" this morning, by following a retweet of an American feminist.

Among such weighty headlines as "Men Say 'Uh' and Women Say 'Um'" and "Cristiano Ronaldo Says: Exercise With This Thing in Your Teeth" she was on this occasion trying to answer the question "Why Are There So Many Women in Public Relations?" - while all the time leaving Occam's Razor in the drawer.

I suppose the article has not yet been noticed by the manosphere or else it would have been torn to shreds. Lots of research, a lot of bafflement, a lot of suspicion about the patriarchy as usual - when the question has a very simple answer:

PR is a technically unskilled social job. Women are not naturally as drawn to technical work - it's been this way for many thousands of years. They're also not as drawn to heavy labour, either, in part for obvious physical reasons. You know, that's because men and women are different - i.e. not the same.

So if women insist on having exhausting careers rather than raising their own children, they are likely to be in a business such as PR, HR or one of the other "industries" that seem to have been created over the last forty years mainly to satisfy this demand by women to work. One commenter does suggest the following, hopefully being tongue-in-cheek at the end:

A commenter wrote:If it's too galling for females to work in the female professions carved out by the patriarchy, they could always break out of the corral, and try their hand at a male-dominated one. Commercial diving, commercial fishing, coal mining, offshore oil rigs, logging, plumbing, welding, construction, firefighting, truck-driving...and you'll get paid more as well. A lot more, in some cases. Turn that 77 cents on the dollar into a-buck-fifty or more.

Clearly what's needed here is a federal program aimed at high-school girls to encourage them to pursue promising careers in these fields. The downside is you might not be able to pretend you're in Sex and the City while working.

The reply comes that the reason why women can't work in those jobs is that they will be raped there.

Poor, deluded feminists, with their jobs and their cats. Check the article for humour value but it is pretty sickening. The woman actually claims that differences between men and women are mere social constructs.

We see the usual pattern that we observe in articles about black people, therefore - namely: if they are achieving at anything, this is entirely due to their own merits and they owe nothing to opportunities provided by others. But if they are failing at anything then this is never due to anything intrinsic but always due to the fault of other people keeping them down. In reality those people are probably just minding their own business, but they would hire them, of course, if it made economic sense to do so, not least because they could then boast about being more right-on and trendy. They even go to the completely unfair trouble of making quotas and actively campaigning (and spending a lot of money) to get women interested in certain work which does not naturally interest them. They probably promote incompetent women too (in fact I have seen this with my own eyes) simply in order to be "seen to be employing women". Yet all of this goes ignored.

Perhaps all of these feminists should consider something radical like, um, loving a man and having children? The City ones in particular will have a sea of men happy to court them, but in most cases none will be good enough. Arch-feminists seem to have been able to commit a terrible crime: they have diverted the natural impulses of women away from nurture and family and towards selfishness, imagined victimhood and the corporation. What a cost society has paid for this, in terms of one parent families, lonely people, ignored children - and indeed non-existent families.

Meanwhile, the less trendy women have child after child, often at the state's expense. What a waste.
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Re: Women in engineering

Postby Charlie » 09 Aug 2014, 10:17

"Cristiano Ronaldo Says: Exercise With This Thing in Your Teeth"


I don't want to take this thread off-topic, but it's noticeable now just how common this kind of guff is on the Daily Telegraph's website.
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Re: Women in engineering

Postby Nathan » 19 Oct 2014, 09:26

There's an article in the Financial Times this weekend (print edition, so unfortunately no link) with the gender breakdown of employees of five of Silicon Valley's major tech firms. Considering these results have happened independently of one another, presumably with sample sizes of many thousands, the pattern is really quite striking!

Microsoft: 71% men / 29% women
Apple: 70% men / 30% women
Google: 70% men / 30% women
Twitter: 70% men / 30% women
Facebook: 69% men / 31% women

I notice too that all of them are failing to hit their 1% transgender target...
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Re: Women in engineering

Postby Gavin » 19 Oct 2014, 14:58

If my experience of working in technology companies is anything to go by (and it is quite extensive) I'll bet you most of those women work (I use the term rather loosely) in PR, "HR" or marketing, too and will not be technically inclined.

This is so despite these companies falling over themselves to "attract female applicants", because they think this makes them look more fair and progressive - even offering to "freeze their eggs". How horrible. It's like a deliberate of perversion of nature, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. It seems these feminists won't stop until they have destroyed women, or what women used to be.

Meanwhile, we're being outbred by Islam in the western world.
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