Battle of the Sexes: The Movie

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Battle of the Sexes: The Movie

Postby Connor » 30 May 2014, 03:00

An organization called Dare London, which is apparently some kind of unorthodox advertising agency, has captured quite an experiment on film. I think it's just the kind of experiment that our own forum members will appreciate!

Here, on the busy streets of London, we see two performances that simulate domestic abuse. The first features a male aggressor against a female, and the second features the reverse.

So, how did the public react? Let's watch:

"Violence is Violence" as the video claims... and yet, I don't think the two situations in the above video are identical in nature.

Everyone knows that men, on average, tend to possess more physical strength than do females. That may be a "thought-crime" to point out in public nowadays, but it remains so obvious that's it's difficult for anyone to sincerely believe otherwise. It's for this very reason that we don't see boxing or wrestling matches between the two genders: a literal "Battle of the Sexes" wouldn't be much of a battle. It would also be quite a disturbing sight.

Consequently, I don't think the sight of a woman attacking a man should be taken quite as seriously as the reverse situation. Men and women are indeed judged by different standards in this area, but that's because the two genders have innate differences.

Unfortunately, that kind of reasoning is forbidden in modern discourse. As good Progressives, the makers of this video (presumably) don't want to draw any distinctions between groups of people, even if it's a distinction as basic as male versus female. Everyone nowadays is required to believe in "Equality" above everything else, and more nuanced views about society are blocked out. We're left with banal slogans like "violence is violence" which don't really tell us anything meaningful about the situation.

Now, all of that being said, I just wanted to make it clear that I still firmly believe the woman should have been stopped by someone in the above video. No one should be physically assaulting anyone in public like that. The fact that the bystanders all just stopped and grinned struck me as quite obnoxious.

Here's a question that I can't seem to answer though: who are the "feminists" in this situation? Are the people who believe that "violence is violence" the true feminists, seeing that they're on the quest for equality? Or are the people who stood there and grinned at the female-on-male assault the real feminists? They, after all, seem to be enjoying a striking example of "Girl Power!", as people used to say in the 90's.

Or are there no feminists in this situation? I've confused even myself now, so I'll stop writing.

Anyway, I'd be curious to hear some input from other forum members.
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Re: Battle of the Sexes: The Movie

Postby Gavin » 30 May 2014, 06:50

I am very familiar with Dare and delighted to see advertising do something decent for once. To my mind this video does indeed expose a disgusting double standard. I mean, the people standing by are actually smiling and laughing when the woman is slapping the man.

He could overpower her, of course, but he's not allowed to do that, and any decent man feels a revulsion at the idea of hitting a woman. This is actively exploited by some women. I can't see any problem with the video to be honest. Good work!
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Re: Battle of the Sexes: The Movie

Postby Nathan » 09 Jun 2014, 15:02

Here it is happening for real: four girls, supposedly students, attack a homeless man, a man smaller than the women at that, on a night out in Cardiff and pull his trousers and underpants down. ... reets.html

It seems so much more alarming when it's being done by women. It shows well the way weakness is despised when coming from somewhere it isn't supposed to exist.
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