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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Gavin » 08 Jun 2014, 14:07

Here's another. However, I think that this reversal, while highly amusing, can only be carried so far, since European people actually brought civilisation to Third World countries, whereas we see the opposite as Third World / Islamic cultures spread across Europe, against the will of the people.
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Gavin » 11 Jun 2014, 09:43

I am working at a new company in Slough now. One of the first things I noticed is that in the canteen all of the Indian people sit together, and all of the white people sit together, with not a lot of inter-mixing between. If at all possible, the people self-segregate, of course. They like to mix with their own kind. We see this on “microscopic" levels like this, and at macroscopic societal levels, with cities now becoming balkanised.

I looked at this and the phrase “Diversity is division” came to my mind. “Diversity is weakness” might do just as well, even “Diversity is fatal”. We are surely yet to see any evidence that it is “enriching” in anything greater than the culinary.
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Gavin » 17 Jun 2014, 08:52

The BBC are reporting a lot about “Britishness” recently, having found to their surprise that despite mass immigration many people do not consider those newcomers to be British.

I think this one is actually quite simple. “British” is a citizenship, granted by passport. (Incidentally, in my opinion no person should be allowed to have dual citizenship with any country which is incompatible with UK culture and I am not sure about the wisdom of dual citizenship at all.)

On this understanding (it being merely paperwork), apart from in security terms, it doesn’t really matter who is labelled “British” or not. People can just about accept a “British Pakistani” because they know it means a Pakistani person who has a British passport.

What people are concerned about is indeed ethnicity. They are concerned that i) they and their kinfolk are ceding territory and becoming ethnic minorities in their own cities, ii) those ethnic majorities come from (and are imposing) cultures which have made complete messes of their own countries and iii) the original residents of the UK are being forced to fund this colonisation.

Thus a more useful distinction than “British” is “English”, “Welsh” or “Scottish” (and, I guess, “Northern Irish”). These are the constituent countries of the United Kingdom and they represent peoples who have built this country up over centuries and who have distinct memories, histories, loyalties, traditions, modes of language and even senses of humour that make them what they are. They have a great deal to be proud about historically too, with the Scots for example having rich traditions in invention and philosophy and the others of course having had a major influence in the world too.

People would rather “British” once again meant belonging, ethnically, to one of these peoples, probably. But if is to mean merely citizenship, then the problem remains about ethnicities and all that goes with them being replaced in countries without the agreement of the native peoples.

Nobody minded moderate levels of immigration occurring from compatible cultures through genuine marriage or skilled employment. But that of course is not what has happened in the UK. We have seen population level replacement (accelerated by native feminism) and that is in effect a colonisation. No wonder people are feeling uncomfortable, and as I often say, were this happening to darker people, the left would be apoplectic about it!
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Elliott » 18 Jun 2014, 08:16

I agree with every word of that, Gavin, and here's a story that illustrates why: Get rid of the white kids, say Pakistani parents.
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby FormerUser » 16 Jul 2014, 03:57

The Unz Review is quickly becoming one of my favorite sites, along with those mentioned in my other thread.

On another note, the Camp of the Saints references are spreading wide. Mark Steyn supposedly referred to America's invasion by Latin American youth as the "Summer Camp of the Saints", and he has referenced it regarding the invasion of Spain by Africans as well. ... s-pour-in/

A specter is haunting Europe—the specter of mass illegal immigration from the benighted regions to Europe’s south. There are parallels with the current situation in the Western hemisphere, but there are important differences too.

As dire and disgraceful as our own federal government’s insouciance towards mass illegal immigration has been, Europe’s danger is even greater, and Europe’s failure to confront the issue therefore more deplorable.

Consider the numbers. The three countries contributing the most to the Children’s Crusade coming in across our southern border—Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras—are home to 29 million people. If the entire populations of those three countries decamped to the USA our population would increase only nine percent.

Many more than three countries are contributing to the human flood into Europe across the Mediterranean and through Turkey. The five most commonly mentioned in news reports and the Eurostat databases are Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Sudan–homelands for a total of 106 million people. If they all moved into the 28-nation European Union, the EU population, currently 506 million, would increase by 21 percent.

Extend that list to the next five most-mentioned nations—Algeria, DR Congo, Pakistan, South Sudan, and Mali—and you just added 340 million potential immigrants, taking the 21 percent up to 88 percent.

And you can go on adding to the list for quite a while without reaching any countries less messed-up and poor than those of Central America.

I continued my arithmetic for just ten more countries—Central African Republic, Senegal, Gambia, Libya, Niger, Egypt, Yemen, Nigeria, Chad, Iraq—without even getting close to Guatemalan levels of stability and prosperity (Nigeria! Iraq!), for a total top-20 source-nations population of 826 million. If they all took to the boats, EU population would nearly triple.

Thus, while both the USA and the EU live figuratively in the shadow of dams with vast numbers of wretched people in dysfunctional nations backed up behind them, the EU’s dam is far wider and higher than ours, the shadow correspondingly deeper.

The wealth gap is greater over there, too. GDPs per capita for Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras are 10, 14, and 9 percent of the US figure. Compare Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Sudan at 15, 3, 2, 3, and 8 percent of the EU average—and that Syria figure is from 2011, before the civil war.

Africa as a whole, even with oil-rich Nigeria and Angola and still-functioning South Africa, is far poorer than Latin America.
According to the World Bank, average gross national income per capita in the EU was $33,906 in 2012, while in sub-Saharan Africa it was $1,547.

[Refugees Shouldn’t Be Italy's Burden Alone” by Benjamin Ward, Wall Street Journal, July 8, 2014.]

That’s an overall ratio of 4.6 percent. In other words, while the average US citizen is four or five times as rich as the average Latin American, the average EU citizen is twenty-two times as rich as the average sub-Saharan African.

There’s Third World, and then there’s Third World.

The demographic changes of recent decades have been a tremendous revolution in world affairs, largely unnoticed by ordinary citizens in the West, preoccupied as we naturally are with our work, families, and national political concerns.

Our images of foreign places that do not directly concern us tend to get frozen in our schooldays and stay that way for decades. I grew up among working-class British adults who visualized France—next door!—in louche images drawn from the Belle Epoque of sixty years before.France of the 1950s was in fact rather dull and strait-laced.

Important people should know better: the Pope, for instance, who last year visited the Italian island of Lampedusa to welcome boat people from Eritrea and to urge his fellow Europeans to extend charity to them.

My grandfather’s 1922 atlas shows the non-European population of Eritrea as 387,900. For Italy it gives a figure of 38,835,941, almost precisely a hundred times as many.

The ratio of Italy’s population to Eritrea’s today is no longer a hundred: It’s less than ten and falling fast. An average Eritrean woman has 4.14 children, while an average Italian woman has 1.42.

I understand of course that the Pope is a man of faith, and that religion traffics in eternal truths. I have no doubt His Holiness’ injunctions to charity are sincere. The less devout among us, however, can’t help wondering whether ideas about the Brotherhood of Man that were appropriate when there were 100 Italians for each Eritrean are still tenable as the ratio dwindles down into single digits.

Matters of assimilation are more difficult to quantify, but here too it’s hard not to think that Europe is in an even worse pickle than we are. The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants into Europe are either black, or Muslim, or both. That is to say, they are from the two groups with the poorest track records of assimilation into Western society.

The European elites are surprisingly blithe about all this. Most public discussion of the topic is still conducted in the elite vocabulary of compassion, ethnomasochism, “humanitarian crisis,” xenophilia, and indifference to one’s own people.

This is even the case in Italy, which has borne the brunt of the recent surge across the Mediterranean. After a disaster off Lampedusa last October when 366 boat people drowned, the Italian government launched Operation Mare Nostrum, instructing the country’s Navy to intercept the illegals’ vessels.

Mare Nostrum was originally advertised as a police action:

The goal will be … to approach as close as possible to the ports of the North African countries from which the dilapidated boats sail … The hope is that this operation acts as a deterrent against those who organize this illicit traffic in human beings by intercepting them before they can leave passengers to their fate, and to apprehend them in the middle of committing a crime … Such deterrence would become illusory if Operation Mare Nostrum were interpreted by traffickers as an aid to reach the Italian coast … [L’Operazione Mare Nostrum by Giovanni Caprara, Eurasia, November 4, 2013.]

However, Mare Nostrum quickly morphed into a mainly humanitarian operation. Its director, Admiral Foffi, now boasts that “We never push back a boat.”

This has had a predictable effect.

There are more and more boats. More than 66,000 people have arrived in Italy since the beginning of the year compared with just under 43,000 for the whole of 2013.

[Italy appeals for help in migrant rescues, Agence France-Presse, July 8, 2014.]

(Should you feel tempted here to insert an Italian Navy joke—“Chicken of the Sea,” etc.—please note that the Italian Navy acquitted itself rather well in WW2 in spite of deficiencies in equipment. The 1941 raid on Alexandria crippled two of Britain’s capital ships with no Italian losses.)

Dissent is mainly limited to internet comment threads. Thus the Times of Malta, reporting on a conference to mark World Refugee Day last month, quoted a United Nations hack as calling Mare Nostrum a “great humanitarian success.” Observed a commenter: “Since when is enticing whole nations to abandon their continent and [arrive] irregularly on another continent a ‘great humanitarian success’?”

Whether or not Mare Nostrum is any kind of success, the Italians are grumbling that they are taking most of the responsibility for a Europe-wide problem. The Italian government is threatening to suspend Mare Nostrum if the EU doesn’t step up. They have even, most recently, threatened to leave the Euro currency zone if help is not forthcoming.

[Italian Prime Minister Matteo] Renzi told the Italian parliament that “A Europe that tells the Calabrian fisherman that he must use a certain technique to catch tuna but then turns its back when there are dead bodies in the sea cannot call itself civilized.” … Mr Renzi then threatened to leave the European single currency if the EU does not help with the costs of Mare Nostrum. He said “If, when facing the tragedies of immigration, we are told, ‘This is not our problem,’ then I say keep your single currency and leave us our values.”

Immigrants can now travel easily over much of Europe once they are within the EU. This is because of the provisions of the Schengen Treaty which created the Schengen Area. This covers 26 countries mainly in continental Europe.

Schengen countries have abolished internal border controls so it is possible to move freely between Schengen countries without showing any identification papers.

In reality, therefore, once a migrant has reached Italy, he (or she, though migrants are predominantly young men), will often leave Italy and can go virtually anywhere in Europe … Many head for northern European countries such as Sweden and are often not discovered for months or years. It is estimated that two thirds of migrants who arrive in Italy leave for other countries. [Italian PM: If EU will not help on immigration, we will leave Eurozone,, July 1, 2014]

Note that Renzi addresses the issue in elite-compassionate language: “dead bodies in the sea … civilized … tragedy … values.” The thought that European civilization, as was famously said of the US Constitution, is not a suicide pact, seems not to have occurred to anyone at Signor Renzi’s level.

That the EU will in fact take the matter in hand is very doubtful. There is essentially no European external-border policy.

True, the EU has an agency, Frontex, established in 2004 “for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union.” Frontex is woefully underfunded, though, at 0.06 percent of the EU budget (and in fact has just had its funding cut, which “came as a surprise to many, given that illegal migration flows across the Mediterranean continue to grow and make headlines.” [France campaigns for EU border guards,, June 26, 2014]

Protection of Europe’s external borders are almost entirely an issue for the countries that share them. If there is to be a Fortress Europe, its ramparts will have to be built from scratch.

Europe’s Main Stream Media, education, and political elites are under the same ideological spell as ours: the spell that makes it impossible to think the thought that a nation’s character, institutions, and fate might have anything to do with the inherited qualities of the people who live there. And European techniques of Thought Control are if anything more advanced than here, due to lack of constitutional protections, post-colonial guilt, and ancient feudal habits of deference to authority.

Sweden is generally agreed to be the worst case.

Swedes are more worried about an increase in xenophobia in Sweden than they are about the increase in immigration, a new study found on Tuesday.

The study from the SOM institute at Gothenburg University found that while 49 percent of Swedes were concerned about immigration levels, 78 percent were worried about an increase in racism …

Immigration to Sweden has been a hot topic in Sweden, not least with Sweden taking the lead in questions of granting asylum to refugees. Last week, Eurostat revealed that Sweden took in 20 percent of the EU’s asylum seekers in 2013—a total of 26,395 asylum seekers, mostly from Syria. Around 15 percent of Sweden’s population is foreign born. [Four in five Swedes worried about racism, The Local, June 24, 2014.]

It was again left to a commenter to make the obvious point.

If it wasn’t for mass third world immigration you wouldn’t have any of these problems. There is no racism in a homogenous society, as Sweden used to happily be. I could weep for you. You are the poster boys for suicidal liberalism. In 200 years no one will even remember a country called Sweden or what Swedes were.

Where Sweden leads, the institutional EU is close behind.

EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmström, has expressed hopes that the new common European asylum system, to be implemented by 2015, will result in more EU countries admitting refugees.

[Europe put to the test, Norwegian Refugee Council, June 20, 2014.]

And in case you’re thinking: “Oh, refugees—who could object to accommodating them?” note please that the globalist elites are busily changing the meaning of “refugee” to cover any kind of illegal immigrant.

United Nations officials are pushing for many of the Central Americans fleeing to the U.S. to be treated as refugees displaced by armed conflict, a designation meant to increase pressure on the United States and Mexico to accept tens of thousands of people currently ineligible for asylum …

Asked Monday whether the Obama administration viewed the situation at the border as a refugee crisis, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said it was “a humanitarian situation that requires urgent attention.”

[UN pushes for migrants to be called refugees, by Alberto Arce and Michael Weissenstein, AP, July 8, 2014]

So just as your mother told you, there’s always someone worse off than yourself. As we struggle to push back against the nation-killers in Washington, DC, pause to spare a thought for the native peoples of Europe, helpless—because they have psychologically disarmed themselves—before an onrushing tsunami far more terrifying than the one we face.
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby FormerUser » 16 Jul 2014, 04:09

What I like about Unz and Sailer is how they look at who has the power in a given situation and speculate on their individual motives to understand what's happening. Thelastpsychiatrist does this too.

The Hidden Motive for Heavy Immigration?

Consider also the highly contentious issue of immigration. Obviously, much of the underlying conflict is purely economic in character, with workers aware that restricting the supply of available labor will protect their bargaining power over wages, while businesses seek to maximize their profits by expanding the pool of potential employees, whether low-skilled or high-tech.

But all involved participants quickly discover that despite endless protestations to the contrary there is also a clear racial subtext, usually accounting for the emotionality of the debate. For the last half-century, the overwhelming majority of immigrants, especially illegal ones, have been non-white, and the resulting racial fears have been a central motivating force driving many of the most zealous restrictionists, who fear being swamped by a tidal wave of “the Other.” However, I believe that racial considerations, whether fully conscious or not, might also be found on the other side of the issue, helping to explain why our national leadership today so uniformly endorses very heavy foreign immigration.

America’s ruling financial, media, and political elites are largely concentrated in three major urban centers—New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.—and all three have contained large black populations, including a violent underclass. During the early 1990s, many observers feared New York City was headed for urban collapse due to its enormously high crime rates, Los Angeles experienced the massive and deadly Rodney King Riots, and Washington often vied for the title of American homicide capital. In each city, the violence and crime were overwhelmingly committed by black males, and although white elites were rarely the victims, their fears were quite palpable.

One obvious reaction to these concerns was strong political support for a massive national crackdown on crime, and the prison incarceration of black men increased by almost 500% during the two decades after 1980. But even after such enormous rates of imprisonment, official FBI statistics indicate that blacks today are still over 600% as likely to commit homicide than non-blacks and their robbery rate is over 700% larger; these disparities seem just as high with respect to Hispanic or Asian immigrants as they are for whites. Thus, replacing a city’s blacks with immigrants would tend to lower local crime rates by as much as 90%, and during the 1990s American elites may have become increasingly aware of this important fact, together with the obvious implications for their quality of urban life and housing values.

According to Census data, between 1990 and 2010 the number of Hispanics and Asians increased by one-third in Los Angeles, by nearly 50% in New York City, and by over 70% in Washington, D.C. The inevitable result was to squeeze out much of the local black population, which declined, often substantially, in each location. And all three cities experienced enormous drops in local crime, with homicide rates falling by 73%, 79%, and 72% respectively, perhaps partly as a result of these underlying demographic changes. Meanwhile, the white population increasingly shifted toward the affluent, who were best able to afford the sharp rise in housing prices. It is an undeniable fact that American elites, conservative and liberal alike, are today almost universally in favor of very high levels of immigration, and their possible recognition of the direct demographic impact upon their own urban circumstances may be an important but unspoken factor in shaping their views.

As an anecdotal example, consider the case of Matthew Yglesias, a prominent young liberal blogger living in Washington, DC. A couple of years ago he recounted on his blogsite how he was suddenly attacked from behind and seriously beaten by two young men while walking home one evening from a dinner party. At first he was quite cagey about identifying his attackers, but he eventually admitted they were blacks, possibly engaged in the growing racial practice of urban “polar bear hunting” so widely publicized by the Drudge Report and other rightwing websites.

Few matters are more likely to trouble the minds of our Harvard-educated intellectual elite than fear of suffering random violent assaults while they walk the streets of their own city. Yet no respectable progressive would possibly focus on the racial character of such an attack, let alone advocate the removal of local blacks as a precautionary measure. Instead Yglesias suggested that housing-density issues might have been responsible and that better urban planning would reduce crime.

But consider that support for very high levels of foreign immigration is an impeccably liberal cause, and such policies inevitably displace and remove huge numbers of urban blacks; it is easy to imagine that Yglesias quietly redoubled his pro-immigration zeal in the wake of the incident. Multiply this personal example a thousand-fold, and perhaps an important strand of the tremendous pro-immigration ideological framework of American elites becomes apparent. The more conspiratorially-minded racialists, bitterly hostile to immigration, sometimes speculate that there is a diabolical plot by our ruling power structure to “race-replace” America’s traditional white population. Perhaps a hidden motive along these lines does indeed help explain some support for heavy immigration, but I suspect that the race being targeted for replacement is not the white one.

Such factors may also play a role outside the major urban centers discussed above and even where least suspected. Among all American businessmen, Silicon Valley executives are probably strongest in their pro-immigration advocacy, as indicated by the major political advertising campaign recently launched by top technology CEOs, organized together as “” Obviously, their own cosmopolitan background and desire for an unlimited supply of inexpensive, high-quality engineers is their primary motive. However, widespread sentiments in favor of lesser-educated immigrant groups such as undocumented Latin Americans also seem quite strong, and we find Steve Jobs’ wealthy widow Laurene Powell Jobs focusing her efforts almost exclusively on that particular aspect of the legislation, with her sentiments hardly being discordant with those of her wealthy peer group. Could hidden racial factors be part of the explanation? That might seem quite unlikely since Silicon Valley’s black population has been very low for decades, running in the 3 or 4 percent range.

However, a closer examination reveals a very different situation.
The small city of Palo Alto is one of the most desirable local residential areas, home to the late Steve Jobs, as well as the current CEOs of Apple, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and a host of other companies; by some estimates, it may contain the world’s highest per capita concentration of billionaires. On three sides, Palo Alto abuts communities of a similar character: Mountain View, containing Google; the Stanford University campus; and Menlo Park, the center of America’s venture capital industry. But on the fourth side, mostly separated by Highway 101, lies East Palo Alto, which for decades was a dangerous ghetto, overwhelmingly black.

I moved back to Palo Alto from New York City in 1992, and that year East Palo Alto recorded America’s highest per capita murder rate; although relatively few of the homicides, robberies, and rapes spilled across the border, enough did to leave many people uneasy.
Gated communities and even street fences are quite uncommon in the region, and for years anyone who wished could go to the home of Steve Jobs and walk around his yard or even peer into his windows. Meanwhile, the sort of harsh racial profiling widely practiced in some large cities was completely abhorrent to the socially liberal citizenry. One may easily imagine a scenario in which escalating street crime from the ghetto next door might have produced a collapse in high housing prices and sparked a massive flight of the wealthy.

One reason this did not occur was the vast influx of impoverished immigrants from south of the border that swept into the less affluent communities of the region during those same years and rapidly transformed the local demographics. Between 1980 and 2010 the combined Hispanic population of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties nearly tripled. A city offering cheap housing such as East Palo Alto saw far greater relative increases, reversing its demographics during that period from 60% black and 14% Hispanic to 16% black and 65% Hispanic. Over the last twenty years, the homicide rate in that small city dropped by 85%, with similar huge declines in other crime categories as well, thereby transforming a miserable ghetto into a pleasant working-class community, now featuring new office complexes, luxury hotels, and large regional shopping centers. Multi-billionaire Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife recently purchased a large $9 million home just a few hundred feet from the East Palo Alto border, a decision that would have been unthinkable during the early 1990s. Technology executives are highly quantitative individuals, skilled in pattern recognition, and I find it difficult to believe that they have all remained completely oblivious to these local racial factors.

However the powerful role of immigration in transforming the crime rates of important urban centers probably had a much smaller impact on the national totals. The combined black populations of New York City, Washington, and Los Angeles may have dropped by half a million over the last two decades, but the individuals pushed out did not disappear from the world; they merely moved to Atlanta or Baltimore or Riverside. But from the personal perspective of America’s ruling elite, they did indeed disappear.

For over thirty years, local black activists in Washington, D.C. have accused the ruling white power structure of promoting “The Plan,” a deliberate strategy of removing most of the black population from our national capital and replacing them with whites; and this “conspiracy theory” has been endlessly ridiculed as absurdly paranoid nonsense by our elite Washington media. Meanwhile, during this same thirty year period, Washington’s black population dropped from over 70% to less than half and will probably fall below the white total within the next few years.

Indeed, the strong support of our political elites for Section 8 housing vouchers may be less connected with any alleged social benefits these provide than with their important role in moving large numbers of impoverished urban residents away from the near vicinity of wealthy neighborhoods out into the remote suburbs of the middle class. Several years ago the Atlantic published a major article by Hanna Rosin on the rapid changes in the geographical pattern of crime induced by these demographic shifts, and the piece provoked much discussion even though the author avoided unduly emphasizing the troubling racial aspects. Elite selfishness is hardly surprising and a policy of exporting those populations with a strong link to crime into other localities seems a natural strategy, especially if this can be accomplished under the altruistic guise of socially-uplifting anti-poverty programs.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that this clear political interplay between heavy levels of immigration and black urban displacement is a relatively recent development and certainly was not anticipated by the original promoters of the 1965 Immigration Act. Indeed, although restrictionists routinely denounce that legislation for having flooded America with Hispanic immigrants, the facts are precisely the opposite. While the 1924 Immigration Act had drastically curtailed immigration from Europe (and Asia), the entire Western Hemisphere was totally exempted, and the U.S. retained its previous “open borders” policy for Mexico and the rest of Latin America until strict quotas were finally introduced as part of the 1965 law. Although these 1965 changes were expected to enable renewed European immigration, no one anticipated the vast inflow of Hispanic and Asian immigrants in the decades that followed, nor the resulting impact upon the racial composition of our major cities. But today these continuing urban demographic changes may have now become a significant motive in the minds of the elites advocating increased immigration under the legislation being considered by Congress.

During the 1960s black author James Baldwin coined the widely-quoted phrase “Urban renewal means Negro removal.” I suspect that a somewhat similar semi-intentional national policy is today transforming America’s leading urban centers, although it remains almost entirely unreported by our mainstream media.

On rare occasions, the mask slips and the underlying mental workings of our national elites are momentarily revealed. Consider New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of our most vocal pro-immigration voices on the national stage and a man whose vast wealth and influence often allow him to be far more candid on controversial topics than most other public figures. In May 2011 Bloomberg was interviewed on Meet the Press, and explained that if he had full authority, he could easily fix the seemingly insoluble problems of a city like Detroit at no cost to the taxpayer. He proposed opening wide the floodgates to unlimited foreign immigration on the condition that all the additional immigrants moved to Detroit and lived there for a decade or so, thereby transforming the city. I suspect this provides an important insight into how he and his friends discuss certain racial issues in private.
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Nathan » 21 Jul 2014, 10:10

Parliament is to debate whether or not Eid and Diwali should become public holidays in Britain. I'm surprised about Diwali, but not Eid, considering that schools with a high Muslim population often already do give the day off for Eid. The motion is being proposed by "Conservative" MP Bob Blackman:

He is expected to argue that a million people in Britain celebrate these holidays, and public holidays should not be restricted to Christian festivals.

The idea is likely to be rejected, but it seems inevitable that the idea that only Christian festivals should be enshrined in law will one day be defeated, much as the disestablishment of the Church of England seems only a matter of time.
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Paul » 03 Sep 2014, 21:13

Today at around 3pm, there was a soft knock on my door at work. Frowning slightly (I don't like visitors except by prior arrangement) I went to the door. There was a young black man, in his twenties. He was neatly attired and looked no threat at all. In fact I swiftly got the feeling he was probably a nice individual. Softly spoken and with an easy manner and no trace of belligerence at all. What did he want?

Have I got £7 worth of work he can do for me? I was taken aback and wondered had I understood him. His English was quite good but a little halting and broken. He explained in a slightly .......agitated or plaintive but also pensive or even reluctant manner. I asked him to repeat his request.

He tried to explain. He has paid his current bills and just managed his rent. He has had a wash that morning and his clothes were clean. Yes, I agree and I nodded. He has cleaning........things (he meant toiletries and such). He was very sorry but he needs some food. Just about seven pounds will be ok until he can get some more money (benefits?). But he was prepared to work for his seven pounds and he would do anything. Cut the grass, pluck the weeds, even pick up all the broken glass in the street.

I'm right by a stream lined by dense undergrowth and trees. Any gardening work would be a labour of Hercules. But it doesn't need it anyway. I have nothing else he can do. It would be illegal anyway, in our glorious socialist utopia. I shook my head. This was when he became a little more plaintive.

"Look", I said, "I have no money on me. I don't carry money". He looked crestfallen. I directed him to a nearby motor repair garage. Several people work there. He wandered off folornly.

I had to have a sit down. The whole episode saddened me. Thinking about it more now, I'm quite upset by it. I could have simply given him ten pounds on the firm understanding that it was for this once only. I have children. Maybe he would have understood that keenly. What is ten pounds to me, other than Christian charity? I got a better feeling from his (rather noble) attempt at begging. At least comparative to the local beggars, albeit that they only beg a 'cup of tea', or the price thereof - but which everyone knows is a code word for heroin, cider or glue!

It's unfair on many levels, on all concerned. There is little here for the indigenous people, quite aside from whether they wish to work or not. There is very little left and much of what remains is in decay. But there's absolutely nothing for any more incomers. This is a hard fact. What a state we are now in.
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Elliott » 03 Sep 2014, 23:38

That's a sad story, Paul.

But don't worry: the Conservatives want to hear your views on immigration.
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Paul » 04 Sep 2014, 00:17

Yes no doubt they do Elliott to be honest. Probably to put me on some fascist blacklist for future targeting. Or at best maybe to contrive to lose the data, whereby it then ends up in the hands of 'anti-fascist' groups intent on mischief.

I clicked the link of course. More of the same. They keep writing to me you see. Letters, surveys, etc. I have replied to a couple of them because I don't wish to seem impolite and, I subconsciously but naively think it might be a lifeline in the event of social breakdown. You know - the Tories will know that I'm on their side and all will be well for me. Thatcher has long gone of course but I suppose one often clings to things from one's youth. I'm in denial.

These surveys are inane, and identical to the inane ones I receive from the left-wing local Council. For instance what do I think of crime, anti-social behaviour, vehicle crime, litter and so on. Or variations on those themes such as picking my 'favourite' three or putting them in order. Some of them have multiple-choice-like response instructions redolent of ....well, junior school.

Who do they think we are? What does anybody normal think of those things? It's just insulting to be asked, in such assumed earnestness, as if nobody has yet divined the answers to these problems. I think the worst ones have come from the Council and I might be projecting some of that onto the Conservatives. But there's inanity there too, as you can see from this online survey.

All the lofty claims are ridiculous of course. Deporting criminals and closing dodgy colleges and the rest of it should be a given. Most of these things should hardly have existed in the first place, or been extirpated upon first notice. It's all been occurring for years or even decades and all parties and all leaders have permitted it, failed to arrest it, much less reverse it.

I still feel sorry for today's visitor. But - it could have opened a floodgate to a mass of similar cases. Once upon a time I could also have directed him to one of two local churches. However, the C of E church is now converted into fancy 'apartments' and the RC church is closed down and apparently the roof is slowly caving in.
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Nathan » 04 Sep 2014, 11:45

Taken from the link posted in the Twitter feed, claiming that there were more anti-Semitic incidents reported in Britain in July 2014 than any month on record.

The trust included a description of the alleged offender in 107 of the 302 July reports.

Of these, 55 were described as being of south Asian appearance, 32 as white, 15 as of Arab or north African appearance and five were described as black.

If I had time I'd work out the per-capita statistics for that, but essentially just over half of those incidents were perpetrated by 7% of our population. About 30% of those incidents were perpetrated by 85% of our population, meaning that the average white person is about 20 times less likely to be involved in one of these anti-Semitic incidents than the average "South Asian", even though that term covers a large number of Indians who probably have had nothing to do with all this.

I'll bear that in mind for next time the Guardian publishes stock photos of people who "look anti-Semitic".
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Paul » 18 Sep 2014, 00:51

I have this evening seen an incredible thing. On a Council estate in two adjoining back gardens (and beyond).

A couple of days ago I was contacted by the younger brother of someone I know moderately well. The chap is around early to mid thirties I would say. He knows I have a van and with much cajoling and promises, requested of me to move a little furniture for him, from one abode to another over a distance of a few miles. He pledged me an adequate remuneration for this.

Sigh - but I agreed although on the condition that I merely supply the vehicle and drive it. My days of carrying furniture about are curtailed by company (mine) policy now. I half dread moving my own stuff about, let alone for others and certainly not in and out of vans and up and down stairways. In addition, I have 'turned' my right hip in some way this last couple of days and have had a dull ache in it since. Even walking up stairs has given me slight twinges.

No problem. He can get some help, if I agree to this other fellow jumping in the van and coming with us. Ok then. I agreed to contact him this evening gone at around 6pm, which is after work (for me) and missing the rush-hour traffic somewhat. So I did and he directed me to a local Council estate where he was waiting with Billy, his assistant, at his (Billy's) home. Away we went.

On the journey he began telling me of Billy's neighbour. Billy (who looked about twenty-something and unintelligent but amiable underclass and even a little meek and retiring) was grunting in agreement. He (Billy) lives in one of the upper flats of a typical two-storey Council block of four. His main neighbour then is the tenant who lives underneath him.

This neighbouring tenant is a black immigrant. Nigeria apparently. He's not allowed to work and not allowed to 'sign-on' (the dole for benefits). His Council flat is paid for, remotely from any action by him. He carries a card issued by the Home Office, which is his cover-all ID. In addition he gets a sum of money paid into a bank account monthly, supposedly directly from the Home Office. Bewildering I say, if true.

They began to describe the property, mainly the back garden, which is sizeable enough (quite large in fact, they are the end of a row) and then in addition Billy's back garden - which has been taken over by our Nigerian compatriot. What they told me was amazing. When I had done the job for them an hour or so later, I had to take Billy back home. I was invited to take a look - which I did.

I viewed the gardens through a slatted fence and gate. Billy was whispering furtively. It had just gone dark. We don't want the Nigerian to see us peeping through the fence. He's apparently very vigilant - with good reason, it turns out. He's fitted his own padlocks to the gate and also to both small outhouses (originally they will have been coal sheds 30 years ago), one of which is supposed to be for Billy's use. Not any more, Billy hasn't been given keys to any of these padlocks. Then, on the pathway leading to the garden fence there were about fifteen wheelie-bins, all nice and clean and in the varying colours available.

The bins and the locked outhouses (I'm told) contain all manner of.......stuff! Clothing, footwear, linen, children's toys, boxes of screws and nails, ornaments, games, books, hand tools, small appliances, furnishings, cookware, etc, etc, etc. In the dim light it didn't look (or smell) rotten and there was some basic order and sorting of the various articles. A lot of stuff was boxed or bagged.

The back gardens were the best. There is just...... STUFF, piled at least as high as a man is tall, or higher. Over every square inch of the land. There is a large 'region' of cookers, refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, driers and that kind of thing. All of them are very heavily wrapped, totally, in several layers of industrial gauge cling-film! They are packed closely together, numbering maybe forty large appliances in total.

It's bizarre, I've never seen anything like it. I've seen dumped appliances before and back gardens with rotting furniture left behind (or even while inhabited) but never remotely on this scale. And there is some sort of order again and all wrapped up?

The rest of the land is utterly jam-packed with all kinds of things, too numerous to take in. There is anything and everything there. Billy was excitedly relating one article after another to me. Disco lights out of a dance hall. Some other kind of music-hall extravaganza. Machinery. A large air compressor. About fifty (no kidding) forty-five gallon steel drums. Bicycles galore. Piles of steel scaffold poles. A lake of pots and pans, there must be five hundred pans. Even stone blocks!

Just amazing. It was like the yard of that chap on the salvage business TV programme that comes on - but all packed tightly together in a double Council flat garden area - and all round the sides and walkways of the properties too. Poor Billy is confined strictly to the interior of his flat and all his outer area has been commandeered. He invited me into the flat for better views and of course we have to ascend immediately because it is a first floor property. He beckoned me into a spare back bedroom (spare for now although his girlfriend is pregnant) and pointed through the window overlooking the gardens. Wow!

There wasn't a suggestion that the immigrant is aggressive but of course he has dominated and imposed himself upon retiring, none-too-bright Billy and his rather more spirited girlfriend - who had a few things to say about it. Billy is simultaneously rather aggrieved, mystified and yet excited and curious about the whole set-up. He did mention minor trading (to and fro) between himself and the Nigerian, with cash changing hands in respect of second-hand, domestic.... bling! I get the impression that Billy doesn't come out of any deal on a winner and that the Nigerian is shrewdly enriching himself at every twist and turn. I did however come away and wonder whether the real losers in this set-up are people like me!

So here's the apparent deal. The Nigerian collects, gathers, scavenges, (buys?) any and everything that the West produces (and then throws away). About three or four times a year he has a mass clear-out and the word is that the entire collection gets loaded into a steel container at Liverpool. From there it goes to Nigeria. Our Nigerian friend, being the principal agent in the field and primary middle-man makes a very hearty income from it. This is reputedly over ten thousand US dollars per load but of course the accuracy of this information can't be checked and is subject to all kinds of exaggeration or license, either way.

Some aspects of it are admirable and the logistics are quite amazing given the circumstances. But of course there is much that can be said to be wrong about it and the whole thing seems alien (though is this misplaced?) to our way of life. At least it's not going in our landfill.

But also, no matter the difficulties and whatever it takes, our immigrant friend knows how to make money. Inevitably he knows how to work hard too and will also be a shrewd bargainer. Maybe soon he will be able to buy a shop in the area - probably a takeaway. Then he will begin to employ people - of his ilk but more servile. Then he may buy some houses and become a landlord. One day in the near future, while I'm still complaining about it, he will gain a seat on the local Council and begin to dictate policy.

Of course it's a fact that he is being facilitated in his endeavours, by active assistance (free flat and cash benefits) and by passive negligence ( a blind-eye to his activities). And the exact reverse would be true in the case of a white indigent, even should such a person show willing. One would be prohibited, reported, evicted from the property, prosecuted, fined, invoiced, taxed and more. To at least some degree, foreknowledge of these likelihoods is a factor depressing (repressing) initiative and any get-go.

It was a real eye-opener, an absolute first and totally astonished me.
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Gavin » 18 Sep 2014, 19:59

Paul, that was a fascinating story and well written, if I may say so - had me chuckling at various points.

Andrea and I were only saying recently: if one considers what PC has allowed Pakistanis to get away with across the country, just imagine what lesser crimes immigrants have also been able to commit with impunity. At the time we were discussing the issue of housing fraud. Even here in Royal Windsor we are starting to see groups of Muslims gathered at first floor house windows staring out to the street, making no effort to assimilate or communicate with English people.

I think we have to face that when convicted murderers can simply waltz into the country and hundreds of Pakistanis can gang rape our children, there really is no authority any more, or none that can be depended upon - against perhaps against us.
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Paul » 19 Sep 2014, 00:43

Yes thanks. It is fascinating but it's also worryingly strange. Our little conservative minds can't deal with this scale of change - and that includes the very basic underclass on benefit-funded council estates. We don't have that kind of thing going on in the streets of England. Instead, a lot of things are simply littered or dumped. Food for thought.

We have had the minority gypsies or tinkers performing a fringe amount of this service throughout our history. Old pots and pans - the rag-and-bone man. They would once sharpen your knives and bite off the tails of new-born puppies on those breeds that were docked. A sixpence a bite. A strange folk and presenting very many problems for normal people. Outliers. Maybe it would be ok for someone on every street to become a scavenger as per our Nigerian. The environment would certainly be a lot cleaner. I've long proposed that a very simple and primary task for the long-term unemployed should begin with tidying up the area. It would be the kind of make-work that is thoroughly worthwhile.

So one may wonder who is costing the community the most or doing the most damage. We don't know how true the eventual story of the immigrant's efforts, or if true, how much good he is doing for his own people. We don't know he isn't paying taxes (but unlikely) or assisting trade in other ways (likely). But of course we don't want Nigerian scavengers (!) on every street. Apart from all the liberals. Let's see what happens when they begin to experience it.

Meanwhile, Billy and his paramour and his soon-to-arrive offspring and doubtless all (or most of) his neighbours in the street are costing us all the time. To be fair there did seem like more than five minutes work in Billy. With the right management he could be persuaded to work manfully. Just the odd bag of corn and other petty treats along with a basic income to cover what he needs. But there's nothing out there for him and he isn't intelligent (or spirited) enough to do things himself. He once would have been the stock citizen for labouring work on building sites, as a coal miner, in a textile mill, on the railways (nothing too technical), as a drayman's assistant and all manner of once-common jobs that aren't common at all any more. In fact most of them no longer exist at all.

Billy did of course have some ill-founded (probably kitchen-sink) tattoos and I had already noticed a number of sores or wounds on his inner forearm. I was wary of a junkie but he didn't come across as the type and the wounds looked different - larger. At one stage on the way home he referred to his arm. "Have you seen these?", he asked, pointing to the wounds. Yes, of course (he had short sleeves, the weather has been beautiful of late). "Those are dog bites", he said. "Oh". I didn't pursue it but did begin to wonder about a vicious dog back home - but there wasn't any dog. Maybe they were bites from a Police Dog? I got the feeling that he is probably on the fringes of petty crime and semi-crime. Scrap metal and mooching about in derelict buildings seems his kind of scene. And of course he is mightily inspired by his neighbour.

So today I've learned a little more. I've spoken on the phone with the brother of my acquaintance, though I haven't seen Billy. Apparently the immigrant's flat is even more jam-packed, if that's possible. It isn't possible to walk about normally or get from room to room. In the flat however is more choice equipment - allegedly. Generators, table saws, concrete cutters, chain saws, hundreds (thousands?) of power tools. Hand tools. Spanner sets and socket sets. Better electrical goods. A dragon's hoard.

Now there's definitely something not right about all this, if wholly true. How has he acquired all that equipment? He's been living there less than a year. It maybe, said my correspondent, that the whole lot is just useless junk and he's that stupid he thinks he's onto a winner. He is reported to be 'very dumb' - according to my friend. He's also apparently very small - in height.

If anything then, the latter possibility might be even more worrying.

Later today I had a collection by a customer. He lives and works on the outskirts of Bolton. I related to him the tale of the Nigerian. Oh dear, I haven't seen Bolton recently - the streets and suburbs. Well no, I probably haven't for two decades or more. I left school in Bolton in 1979. It wasn't that bad, and in fact I used to really like the town centre. We were told at school that, at the time, Bolton was the largest town (not city) in Europe. I don't know if this was true. In a few ways it was the birthplace (or one of) of the Industrial Revolution. It has always had however some beautiful parks and green areas and the countryside above and around it is stunning still - the moors and foothills of the Pennine range. Sheep country, reservoirs and old follies and keeps.

My customer's friend has a quite senior position within Bolton Council. Something to do with 'green spaces'. Once a year, for a week or so, the Council have a complete 'blitz' in all (or as many) back streets, alleyways and such in the borough as possible. The tale he told me was terrible. Entire back streets (of terraces and probably any other type) so full of rubbish (sheer domestic garbage) that a person could not walk along the back street at all. One would have to clamber over piles of rotten and verminous trash. Street upon street of it. The Council have to use tractor type vehicles or small bulldozers fitted with large scoops and buckets and literally just plough up the back street gathering mounds of filth. Huge wagons and skips are on standby and it probably resembles the aftermath of a national emergency.

Bolton has always had a large Asian community, right from the beginning in the 1950s. I'm now told I would be astonished and even intimidated in certain areas of the town. There are no white people there at all. This is incredible. So when the families have filled (if they do) their wheelie-bins, they then just throw the garbage over the garden wall. Everyone does it and all year round.

It's just bewildering. It's beyond our own underclass, for all their littering and lack of thrift. I've never seen anything this bad (except on programmes about the 3rd world where children sift through rubbish on fly and rat-infested mounds) but it seems to be coming to a street nearby anytime soon.

My customer had one flat, no-nonsense, no-exception solution to it all. Stop benefits right now. End of the gravy train, no return. He also quietly said that we need revolution, or, that even if we don't want it - it's coming anyway!
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Re: Multiculturalism

Postby Paul » 08 Dec 2014, 00:30

I've learned something else this weekend.

I don't really buy takeaways (Indian, Chinese, etc) very often. I don't think I've ever had one delivered to the door, though I have been elsewhere when other people have had a takeaway delivered. I might get an Indian takeaway twice or thrice a year on average. I would much rather make a curry myself.

Some people I know are maybe more 'enthusiastic' about foreign takeaways, shall we say. Not necessarily fanatics, but one couple I know have, as far as I remember, a 'takeaway night' on Saturday evenings. They prefer Chinese as I recall.

I called round to theirs yesterday morning on a small errand and we got chatting of course. Among the usual 'state of the nation' comments, he informed me of the following.

At various 'Chinese' takeaways in the area, if one were to make an order for a home delivery, one might well get the order delivered Asian - by which he doesn't mean an Oriental. It's an Indian or Pakistani or similar.

I was initially puzzled. Indian and Pakistanis delivering Chinese food? That doesn't sound ....logical? Then he said

"You can somehow tell when you've got 'Chinese' food that isn't cooked by a Chinese person. It's a masquerade, something isn't quite right. Someone has attempted to make a copy."

Of course nobody is saying this would be illegal. He wondered if the ethnic appearance of the delivery driver had caused him to doubt (the authenticity?) and he was imagining things. I did get the impression he was talking of more than one experience. And he did say at one stage - "loads of them, pizza places too".

So the thing that swung it for him was when he suddenly decided he could closely study a menu/sales flyer that he had in the house. (Of the type which now constitute my most common by far mail item - endless flyers for fast food). So he looked at the menu and there, at the bottom, in no doubt small print was the final clue ........... halal meat!

I don't think the genuine Chinese are bothered about using halal (unless they could get no other)? The implication is that now Indian sub-continental Asians are out-manoeuvering the Chinese, either buying them out or plagiarising their style.

Pizza places too and maybe other food types. I think one guarantee to avoid halal and the whole Asian/Islam takeaway revolution is to just eat pigs... like the Chinese do!

Just a little extra intel' on the Nigerian in the story before this.

Apparently he does have a small company of 'helpers', of his own ilk and kind.

He's in touch with all the local scrap-metal dealers (collectors), or rather they are well aware of and in touch with him. From them he pays up to £10 for a scrap, large domestic appliance (cooker, washing machine, etc). He's not bothered if it's broken (it invariably will be) - it will get fixed. Despite the latter years' rise in the value of scrap metal (principally light steel in this case), a domestic appliance still won't be worth anything like £10 in scrap-metal value. Maybe more like £2. So the scrap-metal boys are more than happy. They will willingly deliver appliances to him for £10 a shot (maybe discounts on bulk deliveries?). That's how he's managing to garner all the heavy stuff at his flat. He's taking personal deliveries. I had visions of wheel-barrows and heavy loads. Maybe all the underlings handle that side of the business? And there's no saying he hasn't got a vehicle of his own too. Maybe a Daimler!

He (and purportedly 'others') have several steel 'containers' scattered around town. By that, it's meant the heavy-duty Steel Shipping Containers that one sees scattered around on building or industrial sites or when civil engineering projects are underway. I was astonished again. Shipping containers? You can't just put them anywhere, not even always as a landowner. You often need permission, if they're in public view and if anyone objects.........

But apparently a number of 'foreigners' (Africans I think) have a number of containers (do they own them?) in a few locations - the type of spare patches of land that may be tucked away at the end of streets or the like. In these containers are apparently a mountain of car engines and gearboxes and other parts.

I just can't get my head around it at all. Maybe they've been immigrated into this country to do this very thing - to clean up all our mess and convert it into useful products elsewhere. I don't actually believe that but it sounds nice.
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