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Postby Yessica » 24 Jan 2014, 08:13

I have to say I really like some artworks of "Socialist realism" much better than the art that was done in the "capitalist" world at the same time.

Some "capitalist" art seems to be right from "the emperors new clothes" to my mind like "let's make something ugly and tell everybody that only the truly refined person can see it's beauty".

Socialist realism borders to kitsch or advertisment at times... true... but there is something about it I like.

They often show person joyfully doing their work, happy families, people enjoying their education. This was not always the reality in socialist states as we know. Sometimes however it was.

Why do think today that only things that show ugliness are worth looking at? Why do most "good" books have more realistic bad guys than good guys?

There is so much good in the world and beauty, how comes it is forbidden to look at it in intellectual circles?

If you look a the works of socialist realism you often believe they look "to good to be true". The landscape to pristine, the people to beautiful and so on. Yet there are beautiful people, there are people with perfect bodies. Why should it be not allowed to picture that? Why is beautiful believed to be more boring than ugly?
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Re: Ramzpaul

Postby Gavin » 01 Mar 2014, 12:46

Here's one way to get around the problem of black on white crimes (see the figures) - simply reclassify the perpetrator as white (with a dark complexion).

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