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Postby Andy JS » 29 Sep 2013, 17:42

The Chief Constable of Durham Police has called for class A drugs to be decriminalised. IMO this is an extremely bad idea for all of the reasons given by TD in his various articles, and particularly his book "Junk Medicine / Romancing Opiates".

This is a particularly silly comment underneath the BBC article IMO:

"I've been saying this since the short-lived scheme in the 60s when addicts were prescribed heroin by registered GPs in London and the all night Boots in Picadilly was opened to supply them. Many addicts functioned in society well and the need for crime to supply and get drugs did not exist. It worked then; no reason for it's not working now"

In other words, the rest of us should pay for heroin addicts to be supplied with drugs. And if we don't, it's our fault if they commit crime to fund their habit.
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Re: Drugs

Postby Charlie » 29 Sep 2013, 18:43

Thanks for the link Andy; all of those "Editor's Picks" in the comments section were preposterous!

Like you, I've read Dalrymple's "Romancing Opiates" as well as Peter Hitchens's "Drugs: The War We Never Fought". Although I disagree with some parts of Hitchens's book, I find it hard to disagree with the conservative notion of drug taking: that is to say that it mostly just a question of the self-obsessed wanting to satisfy their selfish whims. Cocaine, in my view, is the drug which most clearly shows this. For all that Hitchens writes about cannabis, I think cocaine should provoke his ire even more. If ever a drug summed up liberal leftist hypocrisy it's "the Devil's dandruff".
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Re: Drugs

Postby Gavin » 29 Sep 2013, 19:25

One of the reasons I have never wanted to take class A drugs like that is that if they do indeed produce such a "heightened sense of being" etc. then I would have a new benchmark and I'm not sure I would want to come down from that. Then I would be addicted, which would be very inconvenient. (This would be quite apart from any physical addiction which might also develop and would probably be deleterious to health.)

I never wanted to take psychedelic drugs because I have heard about all of the bad trips - people staring at the sun, trees coming alive, being frightened out of their wits, etc. and I didn't like the sound of that either. A horror film from which you can't escape? No, thanks very much.

Furthermore, on the topic of illegal drugs, frankly you never know what you're being given and it seems foolish to ingest something that a stranger has given you, claiming it to be illegal. Only yesterday a man died having taken what might or might not have been ecstasy.

I furthermore reject the idea that people's greatest work is done under the influence of drugs. I think this is just untrue. Ridiculous rubbish is usually produced under such an influence (though it might seem good at the time!), with the best work being produced, I think, from clear minds, unaffected by drugs.

Some of my points above might be taken as arguments for legalising class A drugs, but I am also of the view that they're probably best kept illegal. I'm not certain, though. Presumably if people got themselves addicted they could be simply be prosecuted for any crimes, locked up and forced to go cold turkey with little sympathy. After all, as the foul-mouthed Noel Gallagher said of being given methadone during his heroin addiction: "It was worse because, it was prescribed by a f**king doctor". We would need to somehow get bleeding heart liberals to understand that people do things of their own free will before adopting such a robust approach, though.
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