Film: The Young Don't Cry 1957

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Film: The Young Don't Cry 1957

Postby Rachel » 30 Nov 2012, 20:26

I like old television and old films.

I recently discovered an obscure film called "The Young Don't Cry" which I had to buy on bootleg DVD because it is not available commercially and has never been released.
I don't approve of buying bootlegs but I am a fan of it's main actor, Sal Mineo. Sal Mineo was one of the most famous film stars in the 50's but is now totally forgotton. In reality he was a homosexual and later had a little trouble getting parts because of it, but I did not know that when I first enjoyed watching him. I just like his looks and his ability to convey emotion on screen. The fact that all his films are set in my favourite 50's/60's film era is another plus for me.

This particular film is not his best but I still enjoyed it very much.
It is set in a Southern orphanage. The plot involves a convict from a nearby chain gang trying to excape, but the real plot is that of Sal Mineo's character - an orphan, deciding whether he is going to live his coming life outside the orphanage in a straight manner by helping weak people and being honest, or whether he will try and be a complete bastard just to get ahead and make money.
I've put here the only scene of the film I could find on youtube.
Do not judge the film by this because it's the most borring scene of the film. The rest of film is much better.
Films that encourage people to be nice, like this one, sadly aren't being made as much anymore. They also don't put in attractive young men anymore for ladies like me to look at, even if I'm a bit old to be admitting it:)

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