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End of Watch

Postby Gavin » 28 Mar 2013, 13:28

I just saw the film End of Watch:

I thought it was good. It seemed realistic and well acted.

What it showed was a case of immense multicultural camaraderie. The two police officers, one white, one hispanic, are obviously very close friends. They partake respectfully in each other's cultures a little, they share what they have in common as two young men living and working L.A. and it "works". They share their common humanity and would literally die for each other.

There are no doubt cases like this in the real world, and this is surely a good thing. This is how multiculturalism was "envisaged", if it was at all. But at the same time in the film, we see clear voluntary, aggressive self-segregation between the blacks and the hispanics, for example.

It needs looking at in detail, I think, why cases like this can work and others do not. It's the same when I go for my takeaway. The people in the shop don't seem to be Muslims, they're quite westernised, they seem to be genuinely friendly. They speak good English. We conduct our business. Everything seems to be fine. I would not expect they are supporting terrorist atrocities.

This is when it "works". It is a very complex web. I think it could have worked on a wider scale if newcomers had been forced to integrate further, if leaflets had not been translated, etc, if benefits had not been so readily given, if people had been forced to swear allegiance to this country and act accordingly. But then again there is the issue of numbers. Perhaps the white cop would be just that little bit uncomfortable if, around him, due to the high childbirth rate, eventually he realised that his whole neighbourhood was now hispanic, with the hispanic culture.
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