"20 Ways In Which Being Liberal Has Made America Better"

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"20 Ways In Which Being Liberal Has Made America Better"

Postby Elliott » 08 Jul 2013, 00:23

I have stumbled (painfully) on a website, Addicting Info, which seems to be a general self-encouragement hub for liberals. One of the articles, 20 Ways In Which Being Liberal Has Made My Life Better, makes interesting reading.

I would very much appreciate the opinion of American readers on the points made in that article. The general thrust is that the Democrat Party is better in every way than the Republican Party - it has created more jobs, been more fiscally responsible, made positive advances in helping minorities to gain status and dignity, and been more helpful to entrepreneurs. I presume that conservative-leaning Americans will disagree with most (or all) of that, but it would be interesting to know your specific reactions to each point.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read and respond.
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Re: "20 Ways In Which Being Liberal Has Made America Better"

Postby Caleb » 08 Jul 2013, 04:24

Elliott: I will have a go at tackling some of those points, even though I am not American.

Firstly, the chart of Red State Socialism. This is completely misleading. The first point is that many of the Republican states are sparsely populated and many of the Democrat states are densely populated. Everything -- roads, schools, the whole lot -- is going to cost more if you have a tiny population that is spread out.

Secondly though, what I'd like to see instead, is a breakdown by county by both federal taxes/benefits and voter affiliation. My guess is that the actual counties in the red states that cost the most would most likely be blue, urban areas. I suspect that a lot of the welfare, for instance, would be clustered around Atlanta, Georgia, or places like Cleveland, Cincinatti, etc., Ohio. Those counties, I suspect, would be blue, or blue leaning (if people voted). Why? Because I suspect there are a lot of underclass blacks and whites living in both places on welfare. Likewise, I suspect that many of the middle class, suburban counties in blue states are actually red and that they get overwhelmed by ghetto voters.

Now, the 20 points (I will only address some of them).

1. This is so boneheaded. Firstly, to what extent do politicians even create jobs anyway? To what extent is the business cycle affected by other things, such as the rate set by the Fed? That aside though, here's why it's stupid: people love to chant the mantra of Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton. Except that of the eight years he was president, the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress for six. The last I heard, it is the legislative branch, not the executive branch, that actually votes on bills. You'd have to go back and look at which parties controlled the two houses under which presidents to get the full picture, but that's just for Clinton.

3.,5. & 6. Funny how only the benefits of the Great Society are mentioned, and none of the drawbacks. Many of the social and economic chickens that are coming home to roost right now can be traced directly back to that period. Federal funding for education has increased by a multiple of what it was then, with no improvement whatsoever in education levels. The War on Poverty has been an abject failure. Medicare and Medicaid are bankrupting the U.S.

7. Not quite sure about the conclusion of "unifying our nation". It doesn't follow from the premises.

8. Not quite sure how the author squares the circle of being gay and accepting Islam on the basis of free expression of faith. Under Islam, the writer wouldn't be able to exist.

9. Grief. See my argument for 1. above.

10. Ah, so now specific control of Congress is mentioned when it suits the writer's arguments!

12. I wonder how the writer justifies this and affirmative action at the same time.

13. & 14. See what I wrote above for 3.,5. & 6. If the writer is under the age of 40 he almost certainly won't take advantage of such programmes because they will be bankrupt. That is, unless his generation continue the ponzi scheme and stick it to younger generations. Money grows on trees though, right? If it's a feel good programme, the trees yield twice as much money.

Also, before I forget, I would guess that the writer would be opposed to the Vietnam War. Oops...happened under two Democrats (Kennedy and "All the Way with" LBJ) and was wound down by a Republican.

15. 1. Happened under Republican control of Congress; 2. Post WW2 boom by returning soldiers; 3. Notice the word "rise". It came off the back of the Oil Shock and stagflation; 7. Republican controlled Congress, again.

16. Because Republicans cut taxes, accounting for the difference in accumulation of debt. I actually think this (increase in federal spending) is something neither party should be proud of. To really get at the numbers though, we'd need to look at federal spending as a percentage of GDP, not in absolute terms.

17. It's also quite possibly destroyed the demographics of the U.S., but when, by mid-century, the country resembled a third world hellhole, no one will draw a line between the two.

18. Part of a tearing of the fabric of society. That aside, as I mentioned above, I wonder whether the writer disapproves of discrimination in the form of affirmative action. That's probably okay though, because it's for "unifying the nation".

19. I addressed this at the start. There are so many holes in this argument it's not funny.

20. Word is already that it is costing way more than it should, and that businesses are running scared. Money grows on trees though, right? Especially when it's a feel good programme.

His summary: Nice how he mentioned the USA Patriot Act and Guantanamo, but failed to mention 1) Both Democrats and Republicans voted overwhelmingly for them at the time, 2) the surveillance state has only expanded in that time. Obama is the one who brought you drones.

The rest is insane fear mongering. Ooh...let's pick a bunch of Islamic countries and conflate them with the Republicans. Wait, I thought Islam was okay. Besides, hasn't Saudi Arabia's GDP increased exponentially over the past century? That would make it an economic success story by his reasoning. Of course though, let's not look around the world at how abysmally socialism has failed and conflate that with the Democrats. No, that would be unfair.

Anyway, it's pointless even having this argument with liberals. I've had the "six years of Clinton's presidency were marked by Republican control of both houses of Congress" argument dozens of times and they conveniently ignore the point again and again and again. Likewise with the one about the USA Patriot Act and the expansion of the surveillance state under Obama. Not worth wasting the time. Reading the comments section only confirms that it's not worth wasting the time to respond to them. One guy there keeps pointing out that the point about the GOP trying to deny women the vote is not true, but no one even cares. It's all more of the "Republicans are evil" mantra.
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Re: "20 Ways In Which Being Liberal Has Made America Better"

Postby Joe » 09 Jul 2013, 17:08

"20 Ways In Which Being a Liberal Has Made My Life Better

Overall sea changes in party policies over the time period makes “Guest Writer’s” very subjective analysis meaningless. However a few things stand out as particularly curious. Thanks to Caleb for his insightful remarks. For what it is worth here are a few more.

1. Misleading even if accurate. Democrats held White House 44 out of 76 years including full employment years of WWII.

3,5,6. Availed countless idiots to obtain college degrees and thus devalued the degree itself. All levels of education have been "dumbed down" during this time frame.

7. Highly subjective.

8. The comment of an ignoramus! Sharia is not a faith but a system of Muslim theocratic law that is highly un-democratic. Founders not Dems created First Amendment [btw the 1st Amendment. is currently under massive attack by current Democratic regime].

9. See 1. above

10. Another stupid comment. The Bayh-Dole act has not created even one company and certainly not Google.

11. SCOTUS not democrats declared miscegenation unconstitutional in 1967 "Loving v Virginia. [btw Virginia was wholly controlled by Democrats in 1967]

12. These acts also created "Affirmative Action" a discredited policy of reverse racism.

13-14. Even as we speak these programs are bankrupting the nation and have operated to create a permanent underclass of public dependents.

15 - 16. Fun with numbers. Taken from an opinion piece by arch-lib Michael Kinsey in the Washington Post.

17. 55 million slain babes and counting.

19. More fun with numbers.

20. This train is so poorly thought out and designed that it cannot even be readied for the tracks where even it's patrons acknowledge it will become a disastrous wreck.

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