'Anything Goes'

In "Anything Goes" Dalrymple discusses topics ranging from sex changes for 12 year olds to the collapse of Western economies.

'Anything Goes'

Postby Laurence » 17 Nov 2011, 12:19

Yesterday I started reading Dalrymple's latest book. I experienced what I always experience with his work - a sense of keen enjoyment from the intelligence, wit and perceptiveness of his observations of the world, and at the same time a sense of deep depression at the picture he paints - all too true in my experience - of the dire state of self-delusion, degradation and dishonesty of the current 'culture' of Britain and much of the western world. The section where he talks about how his refugee mother felt about Britain when she arrived and how she felt about it at the end of her life is specially sad, as is the section on 'political correctness' which points out so clearly how we are now under duress not only to pretend to agree with things we don't agree with but even to say things we don't believe in out of mere self-preservation. It seems as though there are no depths to which we cannot sink, and there are precious few signs of any kind of effective resistance to this nightmare.
Do any of the contributors to this forum think there is *any* hope for us? And if so, in what?
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Re: 'Anything Goes'

Postby Caleb » 18 Nov 2011, 05:05

In my own personal sense, I have already voted a resounding, "No!" with my feet by leaving the West and becoming an expat in Asia (not that that doesn't bring some other issues).

I think that at some point, all of this is going to come to a head regardless, and the confrontation won't take an intellectual form, or rather, the time for that is running out. The middle and upper classes have a limited window of opportunity to really solve this issue sensibly. Otherwise, I think there are going to be two major catalysts for conflict.

Externally, economic factors will push on Britain making its welfare state, and the attendant politically correct bureaucratic/academic/media class, collapse.

That's because of the second reason. Once economic stability goes and the welfare state can no longer be maintained, then the political stability necessary to really sustain the PC class will disappear. Politics will become far more extreme, far more reactionary, and far more populist. There will be a rise in tensions at all the borders of different groups in society. One obvious example is xenophobia. The PC class will be completely ignored on that issue if/once outsiders are really commonly scapegoated for society's ills. I say scapegoated because in some cases, certain groups (those who propose Sharia Law, for example) are a problem, but the trouble is that once these movements gain momentum there tends to be a lot of collateral damage. Incongruous as it might seem, the PC class itself may come under heavy criticism/attack because I don't think the average holigan actually sees a guy in a suit at the BBC, Whitehall or Oxford University as being a brother in arms.

Obviously, that would be an end to political correctness and the other inanities of the modern welfare state (including the welfare state itself), but I don't think it's a step in the right direction to have people pelting Number 10 Downing Street with bricks, even if the guy inside is an idiot. Societies do change, but not always for the better, and not every society turns itself around.
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Re: 'Anything Goes'

Postby Rachel » 19 Nov 2011, 18:55

I got the American version of "Anything Goes" and chapter about TD's mother doesn't seem to have anything about her feelings towards Britain at the end of her life.
I've assuming you're talking about the "Pains of Memory" chapter.(?)

I liked the chapter on the history of the Jews of Morroco. I also like the chapter on Sayyid Qutb the Muslim who wrote about how Western countries would self destruct and tried to assasinate Nassar. ("There is no God but Politics".) I like it when he goes into interesting bits of history like that and makes them accessible.

As for no hope for Britain - I don't know.
It wil go down the plughole b/c of current zeistgeit and policies. The welfare state will end. I can forsee a time when there will be real problems with Muslims in the world.

An author called John Christopher wrote a novel called "Pendulum" back in the late 60's. The book is set in the future and predicts that the people in Britain would be so sick of high crime that they would swing towards extremely heavy punishments and a brutal police.
I think that's what will happen.
Britain will be like in New York where the police and law enforcement got very tough in the 90's.
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Re: 'Anything Goes'

Postby martinm2 » 13 Aug 2013, 15:45

Anything Goes was the first TD book I read. I came to have much sympathy with his thoughts. Yet I could not accurately describe just what is missing from current English society. Perhaps it is courage, perhaps it is just that:, the courage to say what is worth, and what is not of worth. Classical Music vs. (c)rap noises for example. ( the elites have even got (c)rap noises into the Proms!) The white race is the only one where identity is not permissible. Dalrymple describe what was once noble, but not considered noble by the current elites. He describes the culture that political correctness dares anyone to speak of. Until we speak out what is worth keeping I do not think it will be kept. The evil forces of all the things he describes so well: non-judgementism, multiculturalism, religion, socialism, and so on are where the elites make their name and fortune. There seems little kudos in saying that modesty is a virtue for example. all must bleed their (perceived) resentment into a puddle on to the floor. The entry fee to the elites seem to consist of adopting raging foaming resentment of white people and whatever they are presumed to do/have done to all other people. Not permitting a vestige of white cultural aspirations to continue is their goal. When they achieve this, all that was of worth will be gone, and we all will wonder through the cultural wasteland.

Re: 'Anything Goes'

Postby Martin » 15 Aug 2013, 17:47

[quote="martinm2"] the elites have even got (c)rap noises into the Proms!

Apologies if I haven't got the quoting method quite right yet!

Yes, I agree, I was appalled to see that (c)rap & hip hop were to be featured in the proms last week. The BBC are really at rock bottom.
I was also alarmed to see that the candidate actors for selection as the new Dr Who included a woman ( Billy Piper ) & a black man together with one white male actor. I was ready to go mad, however, fortunately the BBC hasn't quite reached total degeneracy, they chose the non-PC option, the white male, Peter Capaldi.
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Re: 'Anything Goes'

Postby Martin » 15 Aug 2013, 17:54

Addendum to last post:

It seems a shame that this degenerated crude form of black 'music', (c) rap & hip hop, are featured on the Proms when one considers the far finer contributions that black people have made to the world's music in the past.
I like your 'c' in front of rap Martin!
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