Life at the Bottom

Definitive Dalrymple, "Life at the Bottom" is a shocking and brilliant account of life in the underclass of Britain and why it persists as it does.
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Life at the Bottom

Postby Paul » 06 Aug 2012, 21:02

I own this book and have done for about five years. The book is a collection of articles previously written for City Journal and are all available still online at that site. So, instead of one sitting at one's computer reading them on the web, one can take them all together in an 8" x 5" binding and read them in bed!

I suppose one can easily read the internet in bed these days, without having to sit at a computer.

There is an introduction to the book, on typical TD style. The introduction, and the articles it prefaces are both depressing but darkly hilarious at the same time. One has to laugh sometimes, else one would cry. Of course, some of the stories are tragic.

The articles are as follows, split into two sections:


The Knife Went In.

Goodbye Cruel World.

Reader, She Married Him - Alas.

Tough Love.

It Hurts, Therefore I Am.

Festivity, and Menace.

We Don't Want No Education.

Uncouth Chic.

The Heart of a Heartless World.

There's No Damned Merit in It.

Choosing to Fail.

Free to Choose.

What Is Poverty?

Do Sties Make Pigs?

Lost in the Ghetto.

And Dying Thus Around Us Every Day.


The Rush from Judgment.

What Causes Crime?

How Criminologists Foster Crime.

Policemen in Wonderland.

Zero Intolerance.

Seeing Is Not Believing.
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