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"The New Germans"

Postby Gavin » 12 Jun 2017, 22:14

Al Jazeera recently produced an documentary entitled "The New Germans". Here is the page on their site about this programme and here it is on YouTube:

The programme has a provocative title so I decided to watch it. It is a propaganda piece by Al Jazeera to assist with the invasion and Muslim colonisation of Europe. Al Jazeera is of course a Muslim Arabic television channel owned and financed by Qatar, who have not themselves taken in a single migrant during the invasion. Instead, they are foisting as many Muslims on Europe as they possibly can while encouraging European guilt if these are not taken in. At the same time they fund mosque building in Europe. Qatar itself massively depends on skilled western labour, but they do not allow any westerners to actually become citizens in their country. So, all that is clear now.

Virtually all of the comments under the YouTube video express outrage at its contents and at the brazen ethnic and cultural replacement of the German people by people who are simply not Germans. I watched the video and ended up creating quite a long and detailed commentary below. Well, I feel we are documenting something quite major here - have a look through it in your own time if you are interested...

The programme begins with the tones of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony - something quintessentially German - and we are introduced to the presenter, a Syrian named Ramy Alasheq who claims to be an asylum seeker. Alasheq explains that he's concerned - for his own future - since the mass sexual assault of German women committed by Arab migrants in Cologne.

The presenter goes to see a leftist Professor of Cultural Studies - a German who is an advisor to the German government on "Islamic Affairs". He explains that Germany was "an occupied country" after its defeat in World War II and it arranged an academic exchange programme with some Arab countries. We learn that Arabs came to study engineering and medicine in Germany - no doubt Germany needed the money. Note that even after the war, this is the Germans teaching the Arabs, not the other way around. Alasheq also makes the claim, however, that Germany "specifically courted Arab students for its universities with the aim of supplementing its ranks of white-collar workers and professionals who had been decimated in the war". Okay, so Germany wanted an exchange programme and, perhaps, what highly skilled labour it could attract in order to rebuild after the war. Great for people from those countries - work and money. Nobody forced them to go there.

Alasheq goes to meet an Arab who travelled to Germany in 1958 to study economics and is still there now. What this man has to say is quite interesting. He says the Germans saw the Arabs as quite unusual in their country (of course) and the Arabs stuck together. They worked hard to explain their issues and causes to the Germans. Some of the people going to Germany at this time were (or became) highly skilled, but even Alasheq goes on to say that it is a completely different situation now, with most migrants not being of an educated class at all. In short, in the sixties they sent a few, the best they had - but now everyone is going there. The Arabic man is concerned that "if the war in Syria ends there may be pressure on Syrians living here, especially those unemployed, to go back home". I say: why shouldn't they go back home? Why should they, especially the unemployed, remain in Germany indefinitely? What right have they to do so? Of course they should go back "home", forthwith.

He goes on say that Germany has a demographic problem (true) and effectively says that population replacement is the answer to this. But German women have not suddenly become infertile! The toxic ideology of feminism is what needs to be defeated, and the cost incurred by mass indiscriminate Third World immigration, and self-hatred - then Germans could have their own children again. They do not need Arabs in order to achieve this, in fact their presence is hindering any revival. The man's attitude is so patronising - as if Arabs, simply by breeding, are going to save the German people. They will, instead, merely colonise their country.

Alasheq now mentions the guest worker programme instigated by Germany following World War II and he speaks to a Muslim who he calls "a German of Tunisian descent". This man, in Islamic garb, complains that "our people were seen as machines who worked in factories and lived in camp-like conditions". Really. Was it that bad? Just after Germany had been defeated and following the massive concentration camp scandals in that country? And who was forcing them to be there? Couldn't they go home if they didn't like it? The sob story doesn't work at all. By the way, the guy apparently still doesn't speak German - this is all said in Arabic. He also complains that the Muslims had "no cultural or political influence at all". Um, why should they have had any? They were visitors. It was a guest worker programme. Qatar is careful to ensure that westerners have no cultural or political influence to this day. This is apparently the Arab outlook - utterly self-centred and one-sided.

In the 1970s, he says, some Arabs sent their children back home - home - to be educated, then they came back again. But many did not: they had children while on the guest worker programme and these remained in Germany. Some, in fact, assimilated and no longer spoke Arabic. This man is evidently outraged by this: they now "have issues related to their Arab and Islamic identities", he says. In other words, it is in issue if they assimilate into their adopted country - or perhaps he is of the opinion that they can never really fully assimilate.

But get the next part: This Arab Muslim then says "There have been considerable issues, such as cultural appropriation, loss and alienation faced by this generation". I could not believe this. He doesn't mean appropriation of the German culture, he means that of those who have gone to live there. In other words it is perfectly acceptable for these foreigners to effectively colonise Germany, transform it culturally, and they should not in any way respect or adapt to the culture of the host nation. While, needless to say, the reverse would never be allowed in Arab countries.

He is concerned that Arab Muslims in Germany are "losing their identity", but there seems to be little reason for concern about that. As Steve Sailer said, anyway, "that's what different countries are for!". This way lies stability.

The German academic bloke says that the Moroccans and Tunisians were explicitly "foreign guest workers". Presumably we are supposed to think this was somehow unfair or demeaning - but a country can pick any policy it likes. Indeed, the UK did the same, but then all European countries took their eyes off the ball and ignored the higher reproduction rate of migrants (just as feminism took a grip here) and things went in a direction never planned (or perhaps planned by some). There were efforts to assimilate these Arabs into German society, but of course many didn't want to be assimilated. They preferred their own culture and their own people and they stuck together - and continued to have more children than did the Germans.

Alasheq then goes to the German Historical Museum where he meets a slightly camp German staff member who speaks with him in English about the current exhibition: "Multicultural: Germany, a country of immigration". He says "Since the beginning Germany was a country of immigration". But I say this is nonsense and Germany has never known immigration on anything like the post-war scale except through invasion and especially not like that during the last year (more than a million migrants, most unskilled). While Germany has "always been a country of immigration", they just so happen to be concentrating in the exhibition on immigration "since the 1950s up till now". Yet again he refers to "guest workers" - who just never went home.

Alasheq is not interested in that fact, but what is interesting to him, he says, is how they began to involve themselves in political movements and to demand their "rights" in this land where they were only supposed to be "guest workers" and where they were under no compulsion to remain. The effete German guy is interested in this too and awkwardly mentions that they do also cover to a small degree "the discussion on the German side" on this matter. An aside: Germany had no hope at this point, of course, due to its fairly recent history of Nazism, but let's remember that Hitler is someone who wanted to go into other countries and invade and Germanise them. What so different is going on now?

The German guy says the Germans in the 1980s were full of "fears and prejudice" for wanting to protect their own culture and way of life and for not welcoming mass immigration from completely different, Muslim, cultures. He notes a cartoon of the time showing a German cathedral surrounded by minarets and says that represented "a fear of a completely overwhelming Islamic movement in Germany". Well, that is now reality, and the rape jihad occurred right outside Cologne cathedral, of course. He is, or pretends to be, blind to this awkward reality, but Alasheq is probably secretly thinking about it.

Alasheq begins to speak about "Islamophobia" (but of course there is no "western-phobia" in Arab countries) and goes back to speak to the cucked German advisor. He says some people were angry after the New Year's Eve rapes (though there have of course been many, many others) and their "hospitality" was put to the test.

In 2015, says Alasheq, the German Foreign Minister "explained to government critics" that they must support mass immigration - instead of German women beginning to have children again. Alasheq now re-engages with his "search for fellow Arabs across this vast country". German trains are "a lifeline" in this. This guy evidently feels some serious ethnic identity. Is he some kind of... racist?!

The next person he meets came to Cologne as long ago as 1982 to study that vital subject without which we would not be able to see and understand that which is right before our eyes: sociology. They greet each other in Arabic, 35 years after the man's arrival in Germany. So what does this man do now, with that crucial degree, to benefit to the German nation all these years later? "He's an activist, trying to stop deportations of young Arabs". In the aftermath of the Cologne NYE assaults close to 2,000, oh, I'm sorry, close to 20 migrants have already been deported and 2 arrested. That's right, only 2 have been arrested. More than 1,000 women reported being molested that night.

This fellow proceeds to blame the country that has taken him in for the behaviour of the Muslim invaders, saying that Germany "funded dictators" in those countries via its foreign aid (you see, the West can't win either way - though of course the foreign aid should indeed be cancelled). The behaviour of the thugs is however, of course entirely their own fault.

Alasheq next goes to visit a Syrian couple (with a child, of course) who have settled just outside Cologne. The woman is identified as a "writer". I guess I'm a writer, too! She is speaking entirely in Arabic and is "ready to start her new life" - permanently in Germany, one presumes, regardless of what the German people may feel about this and of the political situation in her home country. Upon arrival, she spent several months in an apartment in Cologne (presumably paid for by the German taxpayer) - "and hated it". Must have been better than bombs raining down, but apparently not. But why did she hate it? I'll tell you why - well, she tells us: because of multiculturalism. "There were Afghans living above and Somalis living below. There were no Germans." That's Germany, love. She wants her daughter to be Syrian and German.

However, the woman's husband does not agree with her. Here we come to a really important point. He says that he thinks one day his daughter might compete in the Olympics but it is "impossible" for him to imagine that she would represent Germany. Impossible. Credit to the guy. He has a strong sense of his heritage and where he belongs. He identifies with his own people and likes his own culture. He should accordingly return to his own country as soon as possible. To any part of it - and frankly all parts of it cannot be lethal. His daughter must represent Syria, he says. Our man does not ask him what plans he is making to return home.

Alasheq next meets a far left overweight white German female leftist who runs "a cultural organisation promoting Arab and Palestinian issues" - not German issues. She explains to Arabic men that "Cafe Palestine" is run mainly by German women. The presenter is introduced to a "musician" (we are not told precisely what kind - whether, for example, a violinist or a pianist, perhaps) who has a Palestinian father and a "German Columbian" mother. Actually neither of those seem to be German. The man proceeds to explain how much he loves - not German culture (of course not) - but his "Arab heritage" - the food, the music and the art. He adds that he can feel like any nationality.

It's very instructive when we meet this man's daughter. She says she does not have an Arab accent in German, but it is nonetheless difficult for her to say where she feels at home. The problem is she feels both Palestinian and German. She felt "caught between two worlds" growing up. She has a confused identity (remember too, she is second generation). She is, she says, on the one hand Palestinian, Arab and Muslim, and on the other hand... it fades out, we don't get to hear. She simply knows she is not, really, a German, and she is in residence, ultimately, in someone else's country. She always will be, unless she leaves.

She faced "considerable prejudice at school" because Germans were not familiar with Arabic names. Just think, for a moment, how Germans would get on in Muslim countries, if they were even allowed to go there.

We're back to the white German leftist woman. She has given her children Arab names (both first name and last name). No thought for her own heritage - in fact she is probably ashamed of it. Her parents were very saddened by this, but she didn't care. This decision of hers not only very much upset her children but also made it very difficult for the children in school and in job applications - employers are surprised and understandably confused. She says her children are now "disadvantaged".

We now meet the Arab father of the children. He's not the leftist's husband - no, they're divorced! He explains that when he came to Germany in the 1980s it was easy to integrate. I say this is precisely because there were not many immigrants, but he says Germans are now more introverted than they were, so essentially it's their fault. This, if true, would however be an understandable and very mild response to mass immigration. The assumption all the time is that everything is Germans' fault and the migrants have every right to come to Germany in unlimited numbers and behave exactly as they wish once they get there. Finally this man explains that his wife's German family wished the children to have German names (and a German surname) so that they would fit in better. We are not given any reason why this did not happen.

That's the end of Part 1. I have written my commentary of Part 2 and will post that tomorrow.
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Re: "The New Germans"

Postby Gavin » 13 Jun 2017, 15:39

Part 2 begins with Alasheq going to meet a man who came to Germany from Syria six decades ago - again not to offer any much-needed expertise, but rather to learn from the Germans, as a "business student". The man remains a devout Muslim. He says he never thought he would stay - it just "happened". How did he raise his children in his adopted country? First and foremost "to know they are Muslim". Not German - Muslim. They don't know all the Islamic rituals, but they must have Islamic values.

Alasheq holds up a couple of newspaper articles about this chap. He talks about one: an expensive newspaper advertisement the man took out thanking Germany for having him there. The other one is not mentioned but we can see that its title is "The Koran in Germany". The man says he feels more German than Syrian. But Islam must be there, with him.

The Arab population in Germany has tripled since these people arrived, says Alasheq, and a woman claims it is "it's really difficult for us to go back to our countries". Note that she does not actually consider Germany to be her country - it's just a land mass where they are. This woman has an incredibly confused background but she says "I always kept in contact with my culture and my people" (Arabs). These people know that they are technically German, but not German in any other sense. They don't even feel German. They are in someone else's country.

The woman says that when she arrived in Germany (decades ago) she wanted to be accepted. So how did she go about this? She showed Germans Arab music, literature and so on. There is not even any suggestion that Germans might not be - or be obliged to be - interested in any of this, and that instead the sole responsibility of these people would be to try to assimilate into German culture.

Alasheq's interlocutor at least believes the hijab does not belong in Germany. But he does not agree! He says that his mother should behave however she likes, without any regard for the cultural norms of their adopted country. But the woman is concerned. Not out of any sense of obligation to the host country, but really because she does not want feel any threat from the German people (who "don't think"), as a result of so blatantly advertising a completely different culture, ideology and value system. With what many may consider to be supreme arrogance (something which indeed permeates the attitude of the entire documentary), Alasheq is not bothered by this, saying it is the problem of their hosts - German people - and not their problem.

The presenter has been trying to find non-Germans, but it isn't very difficult - his next taxi driver is Iraqi who has been in Germany for 30 years. He claims to have seen "a lot" of refugees who are engineers and doctors - and taxi drivers. Perhaps this so, but so what? Are the German people, renowned for their prowess in these fields, suddenly unable now to produce their own doctors and engineers? Would these people not be of particular benefit in their own countries?

The taxi driver tells of one Iraqi man he knew who had been in Germany for 45 years yet still had Iraqi and not German citizenship. He was able to have children in Germany, who automatically became "German". But why did the man not try to pursue German citizenship? Because presumably he didn't need to, and he knew that (as he says) "even if you stay in this country for 100 years, you will remain a foreigner". This is frowned upon as a terrible injustice by the two, but of course the same would be the case in their countries if westerners were even allowed in at all (as if they would ever want to move there!).

Alasheq now claims that those who have not assimilated into German society (i.e. have refused to assimilate) are "suffering". It isn't that German society is in any sense suffering from having them there. No, there has been no thought whatsoever for the host perspective thus far: the immigrants who have chosen to live in this country without seeing fit to make any effort to assimilate are uniquely "suffering".

The cuck professor says Germany has a lot of "Arabophiles", however they tend to have second thoughts when when they become more familiar with the core Arab ideology: Islam. He explains that second and third generation Muslims are actually more Islamic than their parents - in direct contradiction to the expectations of those who began these massive experiments with our societies, our civilisation. But he is back on track quickly and starts to say they faced "discrimination" and "isolation" - only right when they insist on bringing a barbaric, hostile and backward ideology into a civilised and advanced country. "Islam has given them a personal and communal identity which they sought." Because they knew they did not belong in Germany and it was not really their country.

Alasheq next speaks to a tattoo-covered lesbian-looking "celebrity" who apparently works in news media and is also an Arab immigrant - an Iraqi. This woman seems, as such, to have assimilated fairly well (she is no doubt a leftist). She claims she is discriminated against nonetheless and she likes to correct the grammar of Germans less well educated than herself. She says that Germans seem to feel a sense of entitlement to their "racist views". It is not explained exactly what these views are, but can you imagine any, say, Arabs harbouring any ethnocentrism?! Or Japanese, or anyone else? How unspeakable!

The celebrity says first generation immigrants are upset with the later invaders arrivals because they are causing trouble. They're not upset for Germany or German people, but because they are worried about themselves and their futures.

We're still waiting to hear the German perspective just once but Alasheq is now off to Dresden to meet some "anti-racist activists". Dresden remains (for now) "a centre of German culture" and Alasheq is actually going to give a presentation at the technical school - he is going to educate the poor, ignorant, Germans on the launch of the first Arabic newspaper in Germany. The anti-racists sit, nonplussed, as he shows them a slideshow. They're being shown their own colonisation. The presenter explains also that foreign "refugees" receive just the same amount of money from the taxpayer as do unemployed native Germans (€400 per month).

Ominous shots of the police now, as at last we see a Pegida rally! A beautiful square showcases the glory of Germany's "past", says Alasheq, and the people gather there. The trouble is they look very ordinary - a cross-section of the German public. Clearly many middle-class people and no obvious thugs. They walk slowly, there is no violence. Alasheq stands still among the crowd so that he looks like a vulnerable island with a river flowing around it.

He says, however, that Pegida are "renowned for their hatred of the press". He claims the police are there to protect journalists. Why might Pegida hate the press? Because the press misrepresent them and fail to report sexual assaults committed by migrants. I am yet to hear of a journalist having been assaulted by Pegida members - and I think we can agree that the press would not be slow to report this!

One kindly looking man agrees to an interview and this "hater" says calmly that highly skilled doctors, engineers, etc. are welcome in Germany but simply too many people are coming for there to be any chance of assimilation (especially since, as we have seen, many do not even want to assimilate). Their religion and culture are incompatible with German identity, he says, (90-95% are Muslim) and they cannot be integrated. There are no neo-Nazis gathering, he explains, just ordinary people (aside: we need a lot more of this here in the UK, but our people are currently afraid of losing their jobs if they are seen at any such event). The Pegida members all sing what I think is the German national anthem together, gently, tunefully, almost mournfully, and the peaceful rally concludes.

Now Alasheq visits a neighbourhood where half the people are Middle Eastern. He asks one man - in Arabic - what he does in the Germany, since he has been there 23 years. The man replies in Arabic that he is unemployed but helps his Syrian friend with his business. Obviously neither of these men think of themselves as German. Yet also the man claims Muslims face "discrimination" across Europe. What I would like to say is: Why do there need to be any Muslims in Europe? It only leads to discord - oh, and now frequent mass murder. He says "Islam wants the best for everyone." As long as they're Muslim.

"Refugees" tend to join their own communities in Germany so do not learn German, and those communities grow. They socialise almost entirely with their own people, says one young immigrant being interviewed. Only natural. He explains that they don't speak the language and they don't fit into the culture, either.

A lot of political cucks turn up to the local mosque to "try to woo Muslim voters". One crop-headed lesbian-looking woman says that if Germans can teach Christianity in their own country then Muslims must be able to teach Islam too. Has she read the Qu'ran? Can Nazis also teach Nazism? This goes down very well anyway. Muslim Massoud speaks. He's married with... yep, six children. He says he wants to live as a German but "doesn't want to have to justify himself' as one. He can't understand why, when Muslims commit crimes in the name of the Qur'an, other Muslims are viewed with suspicion!

But then a guy from much earlier on the documentary offers hope by claiming that only about 5% of Muslims vote anyway because there is no culture of democracy "back home". When they do, then, we're going to have even more of a problem. I believe we see one or two white female German Muslim converts in the audience at this point, too. Not unattractive, either. They will marry Muslims - have probably done so already. Things don't usually work out very well after then, as we saw earlier in the programme and indeed as we also saw in the case of the Boston Marathon bomber's wife and the wife of one of the recent London Bridge terrorists.

Up comes the word "Islamophobia" now from the cuck professor - he says it's growing across Europe. But Islamophobia is of course merely the perfectly healthy concern about having your society taken over a primitive and backward unwanted 7th century ideology which approves of, for example, sexual slavery and death for apostasy. People have noticed the frequent jihad, too. They kind of liked their societies as they were before the enrichment. Crazy, I know! The cuck is concerned that Muslims might be persecuted as Jews were, even though these are two very different cases. The programme has not referred once to what Muslims typically actually believe, as yet.

We now see lots of Germans - mainly women - dancing at a "welcome party" for migrants, which plays Arabic music. Be-hijabed women say they are happy to be in Germany (in this context). The Germans here must be really radical leftists. They don't seem to have any care for their own culture at all - they probably think everyone else is a "Nazi"!

Right at the very end of the programme and "perhaps by coincidence", he says, Alasheq attends a quaint event where the Germans are celebrating "their own history". Among the audience and participants at this re-enactment, every single face is white. The children are happy. So are the adults. But evidently Alasheq is the only migrant to be remotely interested in the event - and, as he says, he only arrived there by chance.

This was the only nice part of the programme for me, really. I feel terribly sorry for these Germans having their culture replaced. One of the participants, engaged by Alasheq, says "almost all of Europe's music has its origins in the Middle East" which I very much doubt - it has at least become far more sophisticated in Europe, as we heard from the Beethoven at the beginning. But Al Jazeera had to get that in there just to show that, really, Europeans have made nothing and owe everything to Arabs. We're just useless, we hardly deserve to exist, so might as well be colonised.

Alasheq concludes by saying he hopes that Arabs will be more accepted in Germany and will be able to call it home. Effectively, then, he hopes they will be able to colonise Germany (since it is not, according to him, incumbent upon them to assimilate) - and so far there are no obstacles to those hopes coming true.

That's all I have to say, but I found this a sad documentary. It was extremely biased and mainly revealed a massive sense of self-righteousness, arrogance and entitlement among migrants, who apparently have not the slightest concern for what German people might think about their country being massively transformed against their will. The programme also completely neglected to mention the numerous terror attacks committed by migrants, such as the axe attack on the train and the truck attack on the Christmas market, or the large increase in sexual attacks across other cities, which are rightly of deep concern to all decent Germans.

The fact is that these migrants all have their own countries and Germans had theirs. In my opinion something terrible is being done to the latter, by the former.
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